Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 188
Regulation of Abortions

August 28, 2016
Medical malpractice insurance required to perform an abortion.

188.043. 1. No person shall perform or induce a surgical or medical abortion unless such person has proof of medical malpractice insurance with coverage amounts of at least five hundred thousand dollars.

2. For the purpose of this section, "medical malpractice insurance" means insurance coverage against the legal liability of the insured and against loss, damage, or expense incident to a claim arising out of the death or injury of any person as a result of the negligence or malpractice in rendering professional service by any health care provider.

3. No abortion facility or hospital shall employ or engage the services of a person to perform one or more abortions if the person does not have proof of medical malpractice insurance pursuant to this section, except the abortion facility or hospital may provide medical malpractice insurance for the services of persons employed or engaged by such facility or hospital.

4. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 334.100, failure of a person to maintain the medical malpractice insurance required by this section shall be an additional ground for sanctioning of a person's license, certificate, or permit.

(L. 2003 H.B. 156)

Effective 1-01-04

*This bill was vetoed on July 9, 2003. The veto was overridden on September 11, 2003.

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