Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 192
Department of Health and Senior Services

August 28, 2016
Office of minority health, established--purpose, duties.

192.083. There is hereby established in the department of health and senior services an "Office of Minority Health". The office of minority health shall monitor the progress of all programs in the department for their impact on eliminating the health status disparity between minorities and the general population and shall:

(1) Address new issues related to minority health;

(2) Instill cultural sensitivity and awareness into all existing programs of the department of health and senior services;

(3) Develop health education programs specifically for minorities;

(4) Promote constituency development;

(5) Coordinate programs provided by other agencies;

(6) Develop culturally sensitive health education materials;

(7) Seek extramural funding for programs;

(8) Develop resources within communities;

(9) Establish interagency communication to assure that agreements are established and carried out;

(10) Ensure that personnel within the department of health and senior services have cultural understanding and sensitivity;

(11) Ensure that all programs are designed to be responsive to unique needs of minorities;

(12) Provide necessary health and medical information, data, and staff resources to the Missouri minority health issues task force;

(13) Review all programs of the department, their impact on the health status of minorities;

(14) Assist in the design of programs targeted specifically to improving the health of minorities;

(15) Develop programs that can attract other public and private funds;

(16) Analyze federal and state legislation for its impact on the health status of minorities;

(17) Advise the director of the department of health and senior services on health matters that affect minorities;

(18) Coordinate the development of educational programs designed to reduce the incidence of disease in the minority population.

(L. 1988 H.B. 1565 § 1)

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