Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 275
Commodity Associations

August 28, 2016
Aquaculture market fund established, charges collected deposited in fund--cost of collection, how paid--purpose of fund.

275.454. The revenue derived from the additional charge imposed by section 275.452 shall be deposited by the director of the department of revenue in the treasury to the credit of the "Aquaculture Marketing Development Fund", which is hereby created. Moneys in the fund shall be appropriated annually by the general assembly for the use and benefit of the aquaculture council, established in section 275.450, through the department of agriculture and specified in the annual appropriations of the department of agriculture for such purpose, and when so made shall be transferred by the director of the department of agriculture to the treasurer of the aquaculture council, and used for the marketing of fish and fish products in this state, and shall be appropriated and used for no other purpose, except that the aquaculture council shall reimburse the department of agriculture for expenses incurred in collecting moneys for the fund.

(L. 1989 H.B. 214 § 275.450 subsec. 2)

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