Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 301
Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles

August 28, 2016
Sale and transfer of vehicles, transfers within corporations not a sale--assignment of certificate--new certificate--notice of sale to nonresident--director of revenue to keep file--other sales void.

301.210. 1. In the event of a sale or transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle or trailer for which a certificate of ownership has been issued, the holder of such certificate shall endorse on the same an assignment thereof, with warranty of title in form printed thereon, and prescribed by the director of revenue, with a statement of all liens or encumbrances on such motor vehicle or trailer, and deliver the same to the buyer at the time of the delivery to him of such motor vehicle or trailer; provided that, when the transfer of a motor vehicle, trailer, boat or outboard motor occurs within a corporation which holds a license to operate as a motor vehicle or boat dealer pursuant to sections 301.550 to 301.575*, the provisions of subdivision (3) of subsection 6 of section 144.070 shall not apply.

2. The buyer shall then present such certificate, assigned as aforesaid, to the director of revenue, at the time of making application for the registration of such motor vehicle or trailer, whereupon a new certificate of ownership shall be issued to the buyer, the fee therefor being that prescribed in subsection 5 of section 301.190.

3. If such motor vehicle or trailer is sold to a resident of another state or country, or if such motor vehicle or trailer is destroyed or dismantled, the owner thereof shall immediately notify the director of revenue. Certificates when so signed and returned to the director of revenue shall be retained by the director of revenue and all certificates shall be appropriately indexed so that at all times it will be possible for him to expeditiously trace the ownership of the motor vehicle or trailer designated therein.

4. It shall be unlawful for any person to buy or sell in this state any motor vehicle or trailer registered under the laws of this state, unless, at the time of the delivery thereof, there shall pass between the parties such certificates of ownership with an assignment thereof, as provided in this section, and the sale of any motor vehicle or trailer registered under the laws of this state, without the assignment of such certificate of ownership, shall be fraudulent and void.

(RSMo 1939 § 8382, A.L. 1947 V. I p. 380, A.L. 1984 H.B. 1045, A.L. 1991 H.B. 261, A.L. 1997 S.B. 59 merged with S.B. 316)

Prior revisions: 1929 § 7774; 1919 § 7561

*Section 301.575 was repealed by S.B. 52, 1993.

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