Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 313
Licensed Gaming Activities

August 28, 2016
Duties of attorney general and highway patrol.

313.310. 1. The attorney general shall provide legal services for the commission. The attorney general shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that there is continuity in the legal services provided, and that the attorneys providing legal services to the commission have expertise in such field. No counsel outside the attorney general's office shall be employed to provide legal services for the commission or director without the expressed approval of the attorney general. The attorney general may hire any expert counsel necessary to protect the state's interest.

2. The commission or director may request that the attorney general make investigations, on behalf of and in the name of the commission, and bring suits or institute proceedings for any of the purposes necessary and proper for carrying out the functions of the division.

3. The Missouri state highway patrol, including the division of drug and crime control, shall have authority to make investigations relative to the operation and administration of Missouri gaming operations as authorized by law and to report suspected violations of state law or federal law to the proper prosecuting authorities. In the event that a violation of state law is reported to the proper prosecuting authority and no prosecution is commenced within thirty days for alleged violations, the attorney general shall have authority to commence prosecution for alleged violations of the state lottery law or other criminal statutes alleged to have been violated. The cost of personnel and related expenses in the Missouri state highway patrol, including the division of drug and crime control, to accomplish the purposes of this section shall be paid within the limits of appropriations from general revenue, or from such other funding as may be authorized by the general assembly.

(L. 1985 S.B. 44 § 23, A.L. 1988 S.B. 643)

Effective 9-1-88

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