Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 313
Licensed Gaming Activities

August 28, 2016

313.500. As used in sections 313.500 to 313.710, unless the context clearly indicates that a different meaning is intended, the following terms mean:

(1) "Breakage", the odd cents by which the amount payable on each dollar wagered exceeds a multiple of ten cents;

(2) "Commission", the Missouri gaming commission, created in section 313.004, or its designate;

(3) "County", any county in the state of Missouri or the city of St. Louis;

(4) "Horse", any equine, ass, mule, pony, or hybrid thereof;

(5) "Organization", any individual, political subdivision, state agency, partnership, unincorporated association, firm, or corporation licensed by the commission to conduct a horse racing meeting;

(6) "Pari-mutuel wagering", a form of wagering on the outcome of horse races in which those who wager purchase tickets of various denominations on a horse or horses in one or more races, all wagers are pooled, and when the outcome of the race has been declared official, the total wagers comprising each pool, less such amounts provided herein or which are provided by law or rule, will be distributed to holders of winning tickets on the winning horse or horses;

(7) "Public official", any elected member of the executive branch of state government and any director of a state department, any judge other than a judge of the municipal division of a circuit court, and any elected member of the legislative branch of state government;

(8) "Race meet" or "race meeting", the whole period of time, whether consecutive dates or those instances where nonconsecutive dates are granted, for which a race track license to race has been granted to any one organization by the commission;

(9) "Racing", any type of horse racing.

(L. 1986 S.B. 572, A.L. 1995 H.B. 574)

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