Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 313
Licensed Gaming Activities

August 28, 2016
Licensing of additional excursion gambling boats restricted, when.

313.780. The Missouri gaming commission shall not authorize additional excursion gambling boat licenses after November 4, 2008, that exceed the number of licenses which have been approved for excursion gambling boats already built and those under construction. For purposes of this section, "under construction" means an excursion gambling boat that has a license application approved by the commission for priority investigation and is under construction at the approved site prior to November 4, 2008. If one or more excursion gambling boat licenses issued under chapter 313 is forfeited, surrendered, revoked, not renewed, or expires then the commission may issue a new license to replace the license that was forfeited, surrendered, revoked, not renewed, or expired.

(L. 2008 Adopted by Initiative, Proposition A, § 3, November 4, 2008)

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