Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 536
Administrative Procedure and Review

August 28, 2016
Record on judicial review.

536.130. 1. Within thirty days after the filing of the petition or within such further time as the court may allow, the record before the agency shall be filed in the reviewing court. Such record shall consist of any one of the following:

(1) Such parts of the record, proceedings and evidence before the agency as the parties by written stipulation may agree upon;

(2) An agreed statement of the case, agreed to by all parties and approved as correct by the agency;

(3) A complete transcript of the entire record, proceedings and evidence before the agency. Evidence may be stated in either question and answer or narrative form. Documents may be abridged by omitting irrelevant and formal parts thereof. Any matter not essential to the decision of the questions presented by the petition may be omitted. The decision, order and findings of fact and conclusions of law shall in every case be included.

2. The record filed in the reviewing court shall be properly certified by the agency, and shall be typewritten, mimeographed, printed, or otherwise suitably reproduced. In any case where papers, documents or exhibits are to be made a part of the record in the reviewing court, the originals of all or any part thereof, or photostatic or other copies which may have been substituted therefor, may, if the agency permits, be sent to the reviewing court instead of having the same copied into the record.

3. In any case where any party fails or refuses to agree to the correctness of a record, the agency shall decide as to its correctness and certify the record accordingly. If any party shall be put to additional expense by reason of the failure of another party to agree to a proper shortening of the record, the court may tax the amount of such additional expense against the offending party as costs.

4. The record to be filed in the reviewing court shall be filed by the plaintiff, or at the request of the plaintiff shall be transmitted by the agency directly to the clerk of the reviewing court and by him filed; provided, that when original documents are to be sent to the reviewing court they shall be transmitted by the agency directly, as aforesaid. The court may require or permit subsequent corrections of or additions to the record.

(L. 1945 p. 1504 § 10)

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