Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 621
Administrative Hearing Commission

August 28, 2016
Notice of refusal to license, contents--complaint of applicant--hearing--order.

621.120. Upon refusal by any agency listed in section 621.045 to permit an applicant to be examined upon his qualifications for licensure or upon refusal of such agency to issue or renew a license of an applicant who has passed an examination for licensure or who possesses the qualifications for licensure without examination, such applicant may file, within thirty days after the delivery or mailing by certified mail of written notice of such refusal to the applicant, a complaint with the administrative hearing commission. Such written notice of refusal shall advise such applicant of his right to file a complaint with the administrative hearing commission and have a hearing pursuant to this section. Such complaint shall set forth that the applicant has passed an examination for licensure or is qualified to be examined for licensure or for licensure or renewal without examination under the laws and administrative regulations relating to his profession and shall set out with particularity the qualifications of such applicant for same. Upon receipt of such complaint the administrative hearing commission shall cause a copy of said complaint to be served upon the agency by certified mail or by delivery of such copy to the office of the agency, together with a notice of the place of and the date upon which the hearing on said complaint will be held. If at the hearing the applicant shall show that under the law he is entitled to examination for licensure or licensure or renewal, the administrative hearing commission shall issue an appropriate order to accomplish such examination or licensure or renewal, as the case may be.

(L. 1965 p. 277 § 6, A.L. 1973 H.B. 103)

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