Missouri Revised Statutes


August 28, 2016

Chapter 326 Accountants
Chapter   12 Acquisition of Land by United States Government
Chapter 522 Actions on Bonds
Chapter 536 Administrative Procedure and Review
Chapter 621 Administrative Hearing Commission
Chapter 453 Adoption and Foster Care
Chapter 186 Advisory Commissions, Committees and Councils, Business and Education
Chapter 189 Aid to Local Governmental Health Facilities
Chapter 643 Air Conservation
Chapter 305 Aircraft and Airports
Chapter 631 Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Chapter 270 Animals Restrained from Running at Large
Chapter 264 Apiaries
Chapter 512 Appeals and Appellate Procedure
Chapter 547 Appeals, New Trials and Exceptions
Chapter 435 Arbitration
Chapter 327 Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects
Chapter 544 Arrest, Examination, Commitment and Bail
Chapter 569 Arson, Burglary, Trespass, and Related Offenses
Chapter 137 Assessment and Levy of Property Taxes
Chapter 377 Assessment Plan and Stipulated Premium Plan Life Insurance
Chapter 426 Assignment for Benefit of Creditors
Chapter 521 Attachments
Chapter   27 Attorney General
Chapter 484 Attorneys at Law
Chapter 348 Authorities and Corporations for Economic and Technological Development--Small Businesses
Chapter 362 Banks and Trust Companies
Chapter 328 Barbers
Chapter 237 Barges, Ferries and Wharves
Chapter 108 Bond Issues, Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 107 Bonds of Officers and Contractors for Public Works
Chapter 317 Boxing and Wrestling
Chapter 234 Bridges
Chapter 165 Budget and Current Financing
Chapter 130 Campaign Finance Disclosure Law
Chapter 214 Cemeteries
Chapter 201 Children's Special Health Care Needs Service
Chapter 210 Child Protection and Reformation
Chapter 294 Child Labor
Chapter 331 Chiropractors
Chapter 149 Cigarette Tax
Chapter   56 Circuit and Prosecuting Attorneys and County Counselors
Chapter 478 Circuit Courts
Chapter   77 Cities of the Third Classification
Chapter   79 Cities of the Fourth Classification
Chapter   85 City Police and Fire Departments Generally
Chapter   44 Civil Defense
Chapter   72 Classification and Consolidation of Cities, Towns and Villages
Chapter 483 Clerks of Courts of Record and Court Records
Chapter 561 Collateral Consequences of Conviction
Chapter   14 Collection of United States Revenue
Chapter 136 Collection of State Taxes
Chapter 140 Collection of Delinquent Taxes Generally
Chapter 506 Commencement of Actions and General Provisions
Chapter   23 Committee on Legislative Research
Chapter 486 Commissioners of Deeds and Notaries Public
Chapter 204 Common Sewer Districts in Certain Areas
Chapter 275 Commodity Associations
Chapter 251 Community Affairs, Planning and Development
Chapter 632 Comprehensive Psychiatric Services
Chapter 523 Condemnation Proceedings
Chapter 448 Condominium Property
Chapter   66 Constitutional Charter Counties, Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter   82 Constitutional Charter Cities (Home Rule)
Chapter 432 Contracts Required to Be in Writing
Chapter 434 Contracts Against Public Policy
Chapter 579 Controlled Substance Offenses
Chapter 274 Cooperative Marketing Associations
Chapter 357 Cooperative Companies
Chapter   58 Coroners and Inquests
Chapter 147 Corporation Franchise Tax
Chapter 329 Cosmetologists, Hairdressers and Manicurists
Chapter 514 Costs (Civil Cases)
Chapter 550 Costs in Criminal Cases
Chapter   48 County Classification
Chapter   49 County Commissions and County Buildings
Chapter   50 County Finances, Budget and Retirement Systems
Chapter   51 County Clerks
Chapter   52 County Collectors
Chapter   53 County Assessors
Chapter   54 County Treasurers
Chapter   55 County Auditors
Chapter   59 County Recorders of Deeds
Chapter   60 County Surveyors and Land Surveys
Chapter   61 County Highway Engineers
Chapter   64 County Planning--Zoning--Recreation--Natural Streams and Waterways
Chapter 182 County and City Libraries--Libraries Generally
Chapter 205 County Health and Welfare Programs
Chapter 230 County Highway Commissions
Chapter 380 County, Town and Farmers' Mutual Property Insurance Companies
Chapter   98 Courts and Attorneys
Chapter 476 Courts--General Provisions
Chapter 485 Court Reporters and Stenographers
Chapter 488 Court Costs
Chapter 370 Credit Unions
Chapter 385 Credit Insurance and Service Contracts
Chapter 427 Creditor Protection
Chapter 589 Crime Prevention and Control Programs and Services
Chapter 552 Criminal Proceedings Involving Mental Illness
Chapter 236 Dams, Mills and Electric Power
Chapter 194 Death--Disposition of Dead Bodies
Chapter 425 Debt Adjusters and Collection Agencies
Chapter 459 Declarations, Life Support
Chapter 527 Declaratory Judgments; Actions Involving Land Titles; Lis Pendens; Change of Name
Chapter 563 Defense of Justification
Chapter 141 Delinquent Taxes--Certain Subdivisions
Chapter 332 Dentists
Chapter   32 Department of Revenue
Chapter 161 Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Chapter 173 Department of Higher Education
Chapter 192 Department of Health and Senior Services
Chapter 217 Department of Corrections
Chapter 226 Department of Transportation
Chapter 252 Department of Conservation--Fish and Game
Chapter 261 Department of Agriculture
Chapter 286 Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
Chapter 374 Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration
Chapter 620 Department of Economic Development
Chapter 630 Department of Mental Health
Chapter 640 Department of Natural Resources
Chapter 650 Department of Public Safety
Chapter 660 Department of Social Services
Chapter 110 Depositaries for Public Funds
Chapter 371 Development Finance Corporations
Chapter 209 Disabilities Assistance, Aid to the Blind, and Rights of Persons with Visual, Hearing or Physical Disabilities
Chapter 469 Disclaimers of Property
Chapter 314 Discriminatory Practices
Chapter 269 Disposal of Dead Animals
Chapter 452 Dissolution of Marriage, Divorce, Alimony and Separate Maintenance
Chapter 361 Division of Finance and Powers of Director of Finance
Chapter 625 Division of Commerce and Industrial Development
Chapter 273 Dogs--Cats
Chapter 242 Drainage Districts Organized in Circuit Court
Chapter 243 Drainage Districts Organized in County Commission
Chapter 302 Drivers' and Commercial Drivers' Licenses
Chapter 195 Drug Regulations
Chapter 524 Ejectment
Chapter 115 Election Authorities and Conduct of Elections
Chapter 128 Election of Electors and Electoral Districts--Congressional Districts
Chapter 333 Embalmers and Funeral Directors
Chapter 190 Emergency Services
Chapter 285 Employers and Employees Generally
Chapter 288 Employment Security
Chapter   18 Energy Compact
Chapter 454 Enforcement of Support Law
Chapter 260 Environmental Control
Chapter 138 Equalization and Review of Tax Assessments
Chapter 470 Escheats
Chapter   46 Establishment and Boundaries of Counties
Chapter 228 Establishment and Vacation of Roads
Chapter 446 Establishment and Evidence of Boundaries and Titles to Land
Chapter 145 Estate Tax
Chapter 490 Evidence
Chapter 513 Executions and Exemptions
Chapter 548 Extradition
Chapter 207 Family Support Division and Children's Division
Chapter 487 Family Courts
Chapter 350 Farming Corporations
Chapter 272 Fences and Enclosures
Chapter   95 Financial Administration and Indebtedness
Chapter 560 Fines
Chapter 320 Fire Protection
Chapter 321 Fire Protection Districts
Chapter   87 Firefighters' Retirement and Relief Systems
Chapter 196 Food, Drugs and Tobacco
Chapter 534 Forcible Entry and Unlawful Detainer
Chapter 378 Fraternal Benefit Societies
Chapter 428 Fraudulent Conveyances and Liens
Chapter 414 Fuel Regulation and Conservation
Chapter   31 Funds of Eleemosynary, Educational and Penal Institutions
Chapter 572 Gambling
Chapter 525 Garnishments
Chapter 393 Gas, Electric, Water, Heating and Sewer Companies
Chapter   21 General Assembly
Chapter 319 General Safety Requirements
Chapter 351 General and Business Corporations
Chapter 431 General Provisions as to Contracts
Chapter 494 General Provisions as to Juries
Chapter 557 General Sentencing Provisions
Chapter 562 General Principles of Liability
Chapter 256 Geology, Water Resources and Geodetic Survey
Chapter   26 Governor and Lieutenant Governor
Chapter 610 Governmental Bodies and Records
Chapter 540 Grand Juries and Their Proceedings
Chapter 532 Habeas Corpus
Chapter 103 Health Plan for State Employees
Chapter 191 Health and Welfare
Chapter 292 Health and Safety of Employees
Chapter 354 Health Services Corporations--Health Maintenance Organizations--Prepaid Dental Plans
Chapter 346 Hearing Aid Fitters and Dealers
Chapter   43 Highway Patrol, State
Chapter 206 Hospital District Law
Chapter 315 Hotel, Motel and Resort Regulations
Chapter 213 Human Rights
Chapter 558 Imprisonment
Chapter 564 Inchoate Offenses
Chapter 143 Income Tax
Chapter 233 Incorporated Road Districts
Chapter 100 Industrial Development
Chapter 291 Industrial Inspection
Chapter 349 Industrial Development Corporations
Chapter 116 Initiative and Referendum
Chapter 526 Injunctions
Chapter 419 Innkeepers
Chapter 263 Insect Pests and Weeds
Chapter 170 Instruction--Materials and Subjects
Chapter 379 Insurance Other Than Life
Chapter 382 Insurance Holding Companies
Chapter 146 Intangible Personal Property Tax
Chapter 633 Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 221 Jails and Jailers
Chapter 511 Judgments
Chapter 541 Jurisdiction in Criminal Cases
Chapter 211 Juvenile Courts
Chapter 295 Labor Relations
Chapter 441 Landlord and Tenant
Chapter 535 Landlord-Tenant Actions
Chapter    1 Laws in Force and Construction of Statutes
Chapter 408 Legal Tender and Interest
Chapter 493 Legal Publications, Notice and Advertisements
Chapter 245 Levee Districts
Chapter 313 Licensed Gaming Activities
Chapter 376 Life, Health and Accident Insurance
Chapter 347 Limited Liability Companies--Merger and Consolidation of Business Organizations
Chapter 175 Lincoln University
Chapter 323 Liquefied Petroleum Gases
Chapter 311 Liquor Control Law
Chapter 368 Loan and Investment Companies
Chapter 447 Lost and Unclaimed Property
Chapter 231 Maintenance of Public Roads
Chapter 383 Malpractice Insurance
Chapter 529 Mandamus
Chapter 700 Manufactured Homes (Mobile Homes)
Chapter 268 Marks and Brands of Animals
Chapter 451 Marriage, Marriage Contracts, and Rights of Married Women
Chapter 421 Mattresses
Chapter 197 Medical Treatment Facility Licenses
Chapter 150 Merchants', Manufacturers', Itinerant Vendors' and Peddlers' Licenses and Taxes
Chapter 407 Merchandising Practices
Chapter   40 Military Justice
Chapter   41 Military Forces
Chapter 293 Mining Regulations
Chapter 578 Miscellaneous Offenses
Chapter   11 Missouri Manual and Official Publications
Chapter 277 Missouri Livestock Marketing Law
Chapter 360 Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Act
Chapter 411 Missouri Grain Warehouse Law
Chapter 300 Model Traffic Ordinance
Chapter 416 Monopolies, Discriminations and Conspiracies
Chapter 443 Mortgages, Deeds of Trust and Mortgage Brokers
Chapter 142 Motor Fuel Tax
Chapter 303 Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law
Chapter 365 Motor Vehicle Time Sales
Chapter 387 Motor Carriers Generally
Chapter 390 Motor Carriers and Express Companies
Chapter 622 Motor Carrier and Railroad Safety
Chapter   91 Municipally Owned Utilities
Chapter   96 Municipal Health and Welfare
Chapter   99 Municipal Housing
Chapter 122 Municipal Elections
Chapter 479 Municipal Courts and Traffic Courts
Chapter 184 Museums--Metropolitan Park Districts and Memorials
Chapter 355 Nonprofit Corporation Law
Chapter 461 Nonprobate Transfers Law
Chapter 335 Nurses
Chapter 198 Nursing Homes & Facilities
Chapter 344 Nursing Home Administrators
Chapter 492 Oaths and Affirmations, Depositions and Perpetuation of Testimony
Chapter 324 Occupations and Professions General Provisions
Chapter 565 Offenses Against the Person
Chapter 568 Offenses Against the Family
Chapter 574 Offenses Against Public Order
Chapter 575 Offenses Against the Administration of Justice
Chapter 576 Offenses Affecting Government
Chapter   37 Office of Administration
Chapter 259 Oil and Gas Production
Chapter 208 Old Age Assistance, Aid to Dependent Children and General Relief
Chapter   78 Optional Forms, Cities of the Third Classification
Chapter 336 Optometrists
Chapter 258 Outdoor Recreation
Chapter   90 Parks and Recreation (Cities)
Chapter 507 Parties
Chapter 528 Partition Suits
Chapter 367 Pawnbrokers and Small Loans
Chapter 139 Payment and Collection of Current Taxes
Chapter 590 Peace Officers, Selection, Training and Discipline
Chapter 166 Permanent Funds and Trusts
Chapter 168 Personnel--Teachers and Others
Chapter 281 Pesticides
Chapter 338 Pharmacists and Pharmacies
Chapter 334 Physicians and Surgeons--Therapists--Athletic Trainers--Health Care Providers
Chapter 445 Plats
Chapter 509 Pleadings
Chapter 341 Plumbers and Plumbing
Chapter 330 Podiatrists
Chapter   84 Police Departments in St. Louis and Kansas City
Chapter   86 Police Relief and Pension Systems
Chapter   67 Political Subdivisions, Miscellaneous Powers
Chapter 573 Pornography and Related Offenses
Chapter   68 Port Authorities
Chapter   70 Powers of Political Subdivisions to Cooperate or Contract with Governmental Units
Chapter 556 Preliminary Provisions (Criminal Code)
Chapter 244 Private Drainage Rights
Chapter 472 Probate Code--General Provisions
Chapter 473 Probate Code--Administration of Decedents' Estates
Chapter 474 Probate Code--Intestate Succession and Wills
Chapter 475 Probate Code--Guardianship
Chapter 549 Probation, Pardons and Paroles
Chapter 559 Probation
Chapter 517 Procedure Before Certain Associate Circuit Judges
Chapter 542 Proceedings to Preserve the Peace--Searches and Seizures
Chapter 543 Proceedings in Misdemeanor and Infraction Cases
Chapter 545 Proceedings Before Trial
Chapter 356 Professional Corporations
Chapter 530 Prohibition
Chapter 262 Promotion of Agriculture and Horticulture
Chapter 567 Prostitution
Chapter 322 Protection Against Rabies
Chapter   71 Provisions Relative to All Cities and Towns
Chapter 229 Provisions Relating to All Roads
Chapter 246 Provisions Relating to All Drainage and Levee Districts
Chapter 375 Provisions Applicable to All Insurance Companies
Chapter 337 Psychologists--Professional Counselors--Social Workers
Chapter    9 Public Holidays
Chapter   88 Public Works and Special Assessments--Condemnation
Chapter 105 Public Officers and Employees--Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 109 Public and Business Records
Chapter 247 Public Water Supply Districts
Chapter 325 Public Adjusters and Adjuster Solicitors
Chapter 343 Public Auctioneers
Chapter 386 Public Service Commission
Chapter 577 Public Safety Offenses
Chapter 600 Public Defenders
Chapter 167 Pupils and Special Services
Chapter 531 Quo Warranto
Chapter 388 Railroad Corporations
Chapter 339 Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Appraisers and Escrow Agents
Chapter 515 Referees and Receivers
Chapter 301 Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 188 Regulation of Abortions
Chapter 265 Regulation and Marketing of Agricultural Products
Chapter 389 Regulation of Railroad Corporations
Chapter 409 Regulation of Securities
Chapter 199 Rehabilitation Center--Head Injury--Tuberculosis Testing and Commitment
Chapter 551 Relief of Insolvents Confined on Criminal Process
Chapter 352 Religious and Charitable Associations--Charitable Gift Annuities
Chapter 106 Removal and Impeachment of Public Officers
Chapter 533 Replevin
Chapter 364 Retail Credit Financing Institutions
Chapter 104 Retirement of State Officers and Employees
Chapter 176 Revenue Bonds of State Educational Institutions--Higher Education Risk Management Associations
Chapter 444 Rights and Duties of Miners and Mine Owners
Chapter 570 Robbery, Stealing and Related Offenses
Chapter 394 Rural Electric Cooperatives
Chapter 144 Sales and Use Tax
Chapter 248 Sanitary Drainage Districts--Cities Over 300,000 Inhabitants and Adjoining Counties
Chapter 369 Savings and Loan Associations
Chapter 160 Schools--General Provisions
Chapter 162 School Districts
Chapter 171 School Operations
Chapter 177 School Property and Equipment
Chapter   28 Secretary of State
Chapter 403 Security Transfers by Fiduciaries
Chapter 266 Seeds, Fertilizers and Feeds
Chapter    2 Session Laws and Journals
Chapter 249 Sewer Districts in Certain Counties
Chapter 250 Sewerage Systems and Waterworks--City or District
Chapter 566 Sexual Offenses
Chapter   57 Sheriffs
Chapter 316 Shows, Circuses, Amusement Buildings and Festivals
Chapter 482 Small Claims Courts
Chapter 278 Soil Conservation
Chapter   81 Special Charter Cities and Towns
Chapter 178 Special Schools and Instruction and Special Districts
Chapter 436 Special Purpose Contracts
Chapter 345 Speech Pathologists and Audiologists
Chapter    7 State Boundaries
Chapter    8 State Buildings and Lands
Chapter   10 State Emblems
Chapter   29 State Auditor
Chapter   30 State Treasurer
Chapter   33 State Financial Administration
Chapter   34 State Purchasing and Printing
Chapter   36 State Personnel Law (Merit System)
Chapter 163 State Aid
Chapter 172 State University--University of Missouri
Chapter 174 State Colleges and Universities
Chapter 181 State Library
Chapter 183 State Historical Society
Chapter 185 State Council on the Arts
Chapter 215 State Housing
Chapter 227 State Highway System
Chapter 253 State Parks and Historic Preservation
Chapter 254 State Forestry Law
Chapter 267 State Veterinarian--Diseased Animals
Chapter 701 State Standards
Chapter    3 Statutory Revision
Chapter 429 Statutory Liens Against Real Estate
Chapter 430 Statutory Liens Against Personalty--Preferred Claims
Chapter 516 Statutes of Limitation
Chapter 276 Stockyards, Grain and Produce Exchanges
Chapter 271 Strays
Chapter 235 Street Light Maintenance Districts
Chapter 391 Street Railroads
Chapter 180 Supreme Court Library
Chapter 477 Supreme Court and Court of Appeals
Chapter 433 Suretyship
Chapter 384 Surplus Lines Insurance
Chapter 241 Swamplands, Islands and Abandoned Riverbeds
Chapter 164 Tax Levies and Bonded Indebtedness
Chapter 135 Tax Relief
Chapter   92 Taxation in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Certain Other Cities
Chapter   94 Taxation in Other Cities
Chapter 148 Taxation of Financial Institutions
Chapter 151 Taxation of Railroads and Street Railroads
Chapter 153 Taxation of Bridge, Express and Public Utility Companies
Chapter 154 Taxation of Boats and Vessels
Chapter 155 Taxation of Aircraft
Chapter 169 Teacher and School Employee Retirement Systems
Chapter 392 Telephone and Telegraph Companies
Chapter 381 Title Insurance Law
Chapter 442 Titles and Conveyance of Real Estate
Chapter 538 Tort Actions Based on Improper Health Care
Chapter 537 Torts and Actions for Damages
Chapter   47 Townships, Removal of County Seats and Division of Counties
Chapter   65 Township Organization Counties
Chapter   80 Towns and Villages
Chapter 417 Trademarks, Names and Private Emblems
Chapter 304 Traffic Regulations
Chapter 238 Transportation Districts and Transportation Corporations, Special Projects
Chapter 404 Transfers to Minors--Personal Custodian and Durable Power of Attorney
Chapter 680 Transportation Services
Chapter 280 Treated Timber Products
Chapter 510 Trials and Proceedings Before and After Trial
Chapter 546 Trials, Judgments and Executions in Criminal Cases
Chapter 402 Trust Funds for Disabled Persons
Chapter 456 Trusts and Trustees--The Uniform Trust Code
Chapter 358 Uniform Partnership Law
Chapter 359 Uniform Limited Partnership Law
Chapter 400 Uniform Commercial Code
Chapter 471 Uniform Simultaneous Death Law
Chapter 353 Urban Redevelopment Corporations Law
Chapter 307 Vehicle Equipment Regulations
Chapter 508 Venue and Change of Venue
Chapter   42 Veterans' Affairs
Chapter 340 Veterinarians
Chapter 595 Victims of Crimes, Compensation and Services
Chapter 193 Vital Statistics
Chapter 290 Wages, Hours and Dismissal Rights
Chapter 415 Warehouse and Self-Service Storage Facilities
Chapter 257 Water Conservancy Districts
Chapter 306 Watercraft Regulation and Licensing--Water Patrol Division
Chapter 644 Water Pollution
Chapter 571 Weapons Offenses
Chapter 413 Weights and Measures
Chapter 491 Witnesses
Chapter 287 Workers' Compensation Law
Chapter 219 Youth Services
Chapter   89 Zoning and Planning

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