Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 43
Highway Patrol, State
Section 43.535

August 28, 2014

Municipal and county government, MULES criminal record review permitted, fee--fingerprinting, when--confidentiality.

43.535. 1. Law enforcement agencies within the state of Missouri may perform a Missouri criminal record review for only open records through the MULES system for the purpose of hiring of municipal or county governmental employees. For each request, other than those related to the administration of criminal justice, the requesting entity shall pay a fee to the central repository, pursuant to section 43.530. For purposes of this section, "requesting entity" shall not be the law enforcement agency unless the request is made by the law enforcement agency for purposes of hiring law enforcement personnel.

2. Municipalities and counties may, by local or county ordinance, require the fingerprinting of applicants or licensees in specified occupations for the purpose of receiving criminal history record information by local or county officials. A copy of the ordinance must be forwarded for approval to the Missouri state highway patrol prior to the submission of fingerprints to the central repository. The local or county law enforcement agency shall submit a set of fingerprints of the applicant or licensee, accompanied with the appropriate fees, to the central repository for the purpose of checking the person's criminal history. The set of fingerprints shall be used to search the Missouri criminal records repository and shall be submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be used for searching the federal criminal history files if necessary. The fingerprints shall be submitted on forms and in the manner prescribed by the Missouri state highway patrol. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 610.120, all records related to any criminal history information discovered shall be accessible and available to the municipal or county officials making the record request.

3. All criminal record check information shall be confidential and any person who discloses the information beyond the scope allowed is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

(L. 2005 H.B. 353)

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