Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 44
Civil Defense
Section 44.105

August 28, 2014

Governor-declared state of emergency, suspension of certain state law provisions, when--volunteers, responsibilities of--staffing authority of the department.

44.105. 1. In a governor-declared state of emergency, the department of health and senior services may suspend any provision of chapters 195 and 334 pertaining to dispensing medications. Persons who dispense medications under this section shall be trained by the department of health and senior services and shall dispense medications under the supervision of a licensed health care provider according to the department's strategic national stockpile plan.

2. The department may develop effective citizen involvement to recruit, train, and accept the services of volunteers to supplement the programs administered by the department in dispensing medications to the population in the event of an emergency.

3. Volunteers recruited, trained, and accepted by the department shall comply with the department's strategic national stockpile plan in dispensing medications.

4. The department may:

(1) Provide staff as deemed necessary for the effective management and development of volunteer dispensing sites deployed in response to a governor-declared emergency;

(2) Provide or assure access to professional staff as deemed necessary for the effective training and oversight of volunteers;

(3) Develop and provide to all volunteers written rules governing the job descriptions, recruitment, screening, training responsibility, utilization, and supervision of volunteers; and

(4) Educate volunteers to ensure that they understand their duties and responsibilities.

5. Non-health care professional volunteers, whose liability is not otherwise protected by section 44.045 shall be deemed unpaid employees and shall be accorded the protection of the legal expense fund and other provisions of section 105.711.

6. As used in this section, "volunteer" means any person who, of his or her own free will, performs any assigned duties for the department of health and senior services with no monetary or material compensation.

(L. 2007 H.B. 579)

Effective 6-08-07

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