Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 60
County Surveyors and Land Surveys
Section 60.670

August 28, 2014

Digital cadastral parcel mapping, minimum standards, rulemaking authority.

60.670. 1. As used in this section, the following terms shall mean:

(1) "Cadastral parcel mapping", an accurately delineated identification of all real property parcels. The cadastral map is based upon the USPLSS. For cadastral parcel maps the position of the legal framework is derived from the USPLSS, existing tax maps, and tax database legal descriptions, recorded deeds, recorded surveys, and recorded subdivision plats;

(2) "Digital cadastral parcel mapping", encompasses the concepts of automated mapping, graphic display and output, data analysis, and database management as pertains to cadastral parcel mapping. Digital cadastral parcel mapping systems consist of hardware, software, data, people, organizations, and institutional arrangements for collecting, storing, analyzing, and disseminating information about the location and areas of parcels and the USPLSS;

(3) "Tax map", a document or map for taxation purposes representing the location, dimensions, and other relevant information pertaining to a parcel of land subject to property taxes;

(4) "USPLSS" or "United States Public Land Survey System", a survey executed under the authority of the United States government as recorded on the official plats and field notes of the United States public land survey maintained by the land survey program of the department of agriculture.

2. The office of the state land surveyor established within the department of agriculture shall promulgate rules and regulations establishing minimum standards for digital cadastral parcel mapping. Any rule or portion of a rule, as that term is defined in section 536.010, that is created under the authority delegated in this section shall become effective only if it complies with and is subject to all of the provisions of chapter 536 and, if applicable, section 536.028. This section and chapter 536 are nonseverable and if any of the powers vested with the general assembly pursuant to chapter 536 to review, to delay the effective date, or to disapprove and annul a rule are subsequently held unconstitutional, then the grant of rulemaking authority and any rule proposed or adopted after August 28, 2010, shall be invalid and void.

3. Any map designed and used to reflect legal property descriptions or boundaries for use in a digital cadastral mapping system shall comply with the rules promulgated under this section, unless the party requesting the map specifies otherwise in writing, the map was designed and in use prior to the promulgation of the rules, or the parties requesting and designing the map have already agreed to the terms of their contract on the effective date of the rules promulgation.

(L. 2010 H.B. 1692, et al., A.L. 2013 H.B. 28 merged with H.B. 650)

Effective 8-28-13 (H.B. 28)

10-11-13 (H.B. 650)

*H.B. 650 effective 10-11-13, see ยง 21.250. H.B. 650 was vetoed July 12, 2013. The veto was overridden on September 11, 2013.

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