Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 8
State Buildings and Lands

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August 28, 2013

8.001. Second state capitol commission established.
8.003. Membership of commission, terms, meetings, annual report.
8.007. Duties of the commission--state capitol commission fund created, lapse
to general revenue prohibited--copyright and trademark permitted,
8.010. Board of public buildings created--powers and duties.
8.012. Flags authorized to be displayed at all state buildings.
8.015. Senate accounts committee to control use of certain space and
equipment in capitol.
8.016. State capitol dome key, members of general assembly to be provided
with--training required.
8.017. House accounts committee to control use of certain space and equipment
in capitol.
8.020. Governor's mansion preservation advisory commission
created--qualifications and compensation of members.
8.051. Gift shop in state capitol--staff--items sold.
8.110. Division of facilities management, design, and construction created,
8.115. Armed security guards for state-owned or leased facilities, not
applicable to Cole County.
8.120. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 322 A)
8.150. Defacing state facilities, penalty--acts by minors, liability.
8.170. Shall prosecute for injuries.
8.172. Parking on capitol grounds, regulations--enforcement.
8.175. Capitol parking garages under joint control of general
assembly--employee parking when not in session, exceptions.
8.177. Missouri capitol police officers, powers and duties.
8.178. Violation of parking regulations, penalty.
8.180. Director to pay certain costs.
8.190. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
8.200. Director may proceed against sheriff.
8.210. Duty of peace officers of Cole County.
8.220. Amount expended for construction not to exceed appropriation.
8.231. Guaranteed energy cost savings contracts, definitions--bids required,
when--proposal request to include what--contract, to whom awarded,
to contain certain guarantees.
8.235. Office of administration to contract for guaranteed energy cost
savings contracts by bid, criteria--use of funds by governmental
units--procurement implementation date.
8.237. Office of administration to develop statewide plan of energy
conservation and cost savings, state buildings and
facilities--requirements--moneys to be used.
8.238. Energy efficiency implementation--deposits into administrative
trust fund--annual report, contents--authority of office of
administration, rulemaking.
8.240. Board may acquire lands for state, how.
8.241. Certain land in St. Louis City--restrictions.
8.250. Contracts for projects by state or certain subdivisions, bidding
required, when--prohibition against dividing project into
component parts.
8.255. Standing contracts, advertisement and bids--director, duties--agency
8.260. Appropriations of $100,000 or more for buildings, how paid out.
8.270. Appropriations for less than $100,000, how paid out.
8.275. Third state building trust fund establishment and maintenance.
8.280. Missouri products shall be used in construction or repair of public
8.283. (Repealed L. 2008 H.B. 1549, et al. A)
8.285. Policy on contracts for architectural, engineering, land surveying
8.287. Definitions.
8.289. Agencies using services to be furnished statement of firm's
qualifications and performance data.
8.291. Negotiation for contract--not applicable for certain political
8.293. Rulemaking, procedure.
8.294. State facility maintenance and operation fund created, administration.
8.295. Facilities maintenance reserve fund, up to ten percent of moneys to be
used for certain energy projects.
8.305. Appliances purchased shall be energy star under federal
program--exemptions, when--expiration date.
8.310. Duties of director as to construction, repairs and
8.315. Duties of director, capital improvement projects.
8.316. Division to promulgate method to calculate replacement cost of
buildings owned by public institutions of higher education.
8.320. Director to prescribe conditions and procedures for repair and
maintenance of buildings.
8.325. Capital improvements, cost estimates by design and construction,
content requirements--rental quarters with defective conditions,
reoccupation by state agencies, when.
8.330. Information as to condition of buildings, collection, availability.
8.340. Director to keep file on state lands and condition of buildings.
8.350. Director to deliver papers and property to successor.
8.360. Inspection and report as to condition of buildings.
8.370. Definitions.
8.380. Board may acquire and erect buildings--condemnation--may lease to
agencies of state and political subdivisions.
8.390. State agencies to use buildings and pay rentals.
8.400. Board may issue revenue bonds, contents--bonds for retrofitting
projects, use of proceeds--board may request annual appropriations
to pay bonds and to restore reserve funds.
8.410. Revenue bonds not obligations of state.
8.420. Revenue bonds, form, effect, interest rates--approval by committee on
legislative research.
8.430. Revenue bonds refunded, when--contents of refunding bonds.
8.440. Board may prescribe form and details of bonds--holder may enforce
duties of board.
8.450. Two-thirds vote of board required for bonds.
8.460. State office building authorized in Jefferson City--rented
quarters--general assembly may move certain offices from Capitol
8.500. Citation.
8.505. Definitions.
8.510. Tobacco settlement financing authority created, purpose, restrictions.
8.515. Powers of authority not restricted or limited--proceedings, notice
or approval not required, when.
8.520. Board to exercise powers, membership, meetings, no compensation.
8.525. No personal liability for board members, when.
8.530. Powers of the authority.
8.535. Authority to sell or assign state's share of tobacco settlement.
8.540. Issuance of bonds authorized, when.
8.545. Proceeds of bonds to be deposited in the tobacco securitization
settlement trust fund, use of moneys--issuance of bonds, requirements.
8.550. Tobacco securitization settlement trust fund established, source of
fund moneys, uses--qualified tax-exempt expenditure account and
taxable expenditure account authorized.
8.552. Authority to determine deposit and withdrawal of moneys.
8.555. Exemption from competitive bidding requirements of the state.
8.557. Annual report to the general assembly to be submitted, content.
8.560. No bankruptcy petition may be filed, when.
8.565. Dissolution of authority, when--transfer of assets upon dissolution.
8.570. Issuance of bonds by board of public buildings, use of proceeds.
8.572. Bond issuance not deemed indebtedness of the state or board of public
8.575. Bond requirements.
8.580. Refunding of bonds, when, procedure.
8.585. Form details and incidents of bonds to be prescribed by board of
public buildings.
8.589. Termination date for sections 8.500 to 8.590--office of
administration to notify revisor of statutes of date.
8.590. Resolution of board of public buildings required for issuance of
8.591. Limitation on authority to sell bonds.
8.592. Issuance of notes, maturity dates--transfer of funds to secure notes.
8.595. Liberal construction of act.
8.597. Advisory committee on tobacco securitization established, members,
8.610. Standards for all public facilities and buildings using state or
political subdivision funds.
8.620. Renovations by political subdivisions--specifications to make
accessible and usable by physically disabled--standards to be met.
8.622. Renovation and new construction by state or new construction by
political subdivision to be accessible and usable by the
8.623. Repair, maintenance or new construction by state using federal funds,
standards--Missouri to hold United States harmless from damages.
8.630. Who shall enforce.
8.640. Exempt buildings and facilities.
8.650. Deviations from standards, when permitted.
8.655. Wheelchair accessibility sign, display required, when.
8.657. Construction companies domiciled outside state--requirements.
8.660. Definitions.
8.661. Board of public buildings, with approval of the committee on
legislative research, to proceed with projects--powers and duties.
8.662. Agencies of state may be required to occupy quarters in the
project--agencies may be required to contribute from funds
appropriated to share in cost of energy retrofitting.
8.663. Board may issue and sell revenue bonds to establish and maintain
an interest and sinking fund--request for appropriation authorized.
8.664. Bonds not an obligation of the state or board.
8.665. Board to determine rate, not to exceed fifteen percent, and
maturity date--bonds may be either serial or term.
8.667. Refunding of bonds authorized.
8.668. Board to prescribe details and incidents of the bonds and make
necessary covenants.
8.670. Resolution of board required for issuance of bonds.
8.675. Construction management services defined.
8.677. Construction management services to be used when.
8.679. Contract required, procedure to solicit proposals, advertising
required in county where work located, open bidding.
8.681. Proposals, how selected--reevaluation, when--new solicitation of
8.683. Duties of successful construction manager obtaining contract.
8.685. Prohibited conduct by construction management service, effect.
8.687. Bond not required for construction manager--law not applicable
if construction done by public employees.
8.700. Definitions.
8.705. Blind persons to have priority in operation of vending
facilities--state property defined--exceptions.
8.710. Rules, bureau of the blind to develop, procedure.
8.715. Construction or installation of vending facility,
procedure--costs--objections--application to board of public
buildings, when.
8.720. Plans, changes in state property, notice to licensing agent,
when--objection procedure, effect.
8.725. Sites for vending facilities required, exception--satisfactory site
defined--not applicable to certain existing operations.
8.730. Income must be adequate to establish facility.
8.735. Licenses or permits to be issued without charge.
8.740. Health and sanitation regulations, exception, guide dogs permitted.
8.745. Hearings and review of decisions, procedure--appeals.
8.800. Definitions.
8.803. Financing of energy efficiency projects in state buildings, bond
issues authorized, procedure.
8.805. Energy savings in state building projects beyond financing
obligation, how deposited--criteria to be established for projected
savings--report due when.
8.807. Energy analyses account established, purpose, administration, account
not to lapse into general revenue.
8.810. State building construction or substantial renovation--analysis
required, content--division of design and construction not to let
contracts without considering--projection of energy savings
required, when.
8.812. Minimum energy efficiency standards for state buildings established by
rule--compliance required--exemption, when.
8.815. Voluntary work group of persons and interest groups with expertise in
energy efficiency to be established, duties.
8.817. Analysis of all state buildings for energy efficiency, annual report
due when--filed with whom.
8.820. Baseline for energy consumption and costs for all buildings owned or
leased by state.
8.823. Division to recommend energy efficiency projects.
8.825. Department to provide energy efficiency practices information to
persons in construction or maintenance of state buildings.
8.830. Definitions.
8.833. Bond issues authorized for energy efficiency and energy retrofitting
projects in state buildings--priority assigned by office of
8.835. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
8.837. Minimum energy standard to be developed by rule for certain new or
renovated state buildings.
8.840. Energy efficiency rating system to be provided by rule--rating system
to be applied to all buildings before acquiring or leasing.
8.843. Interagency advisory committee on energy cost reduction and savings,
members, duties.
8.845. Division to compile data on energy consumption and costs and develop
baseline use of data.
8.847. Department to make energy efficiency practices information available
for construction, retrofitting and maintenance of state and public
8.849. Federal petroleum violation escrow fund to be used to fund projects.
8.851. Quality of indoor air not to be sacrificed for increased energy
8.890. Access to public land for horse and mule use, no denial on certain
trails and roads, exception.
8.900. Memorial for workers killed or disabled on the job--fund established,
investment, fund not to lapse into general revenue.
8.910. Alex M. Petrovic Reading Room designated at a building of the
Missouri State Archives.
8.912. Designates the department of agriculture building as the "George
Washington Carver Building".
8.922. United States and state flags flown on state property, manufacture in
United States required.

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