Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 9
Public Holidays

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August 28, 2013

9.010. Public holidays.
9.015. Federal holidays, no ban or restriction on, when.
9.020. Designation of certain holidays.
9.030. Governor to proclaim Jefferson Day.
9.035. May 8, Truman Day.
9.040. Missouri Day, date of--how observed.
9.050. May 1, Law Day.
9.060. June 14, Flag Day.
9.070. April 9, Prisoners of War Remembrance Day.
9.072. POW/MIA Recognition Day observed, when.
9.074. Silver Star Families of America Day designated on May 1st.
9.080. Korean War Veterans Day, how observed.
9.085. Vietnam Veterans Day designated, when.
9.086. Veterans of Operation Iraq/Enduring Freedom Day designated, when.
9.100. Arbor Day to be first Friday in April, how observed.
9.105. Bird appreciation day observed, when.
9.110. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day designated.
9.115. Patriots Day, date of--how observed.
9.120. May 15, Peace Officers Memorial Day.
9.130. Emergency Services Day observed, when.
9.132. Emergency Personnel Appreciation Day, date of--how observed.
9.134. United States flag and state flag to be flown at half-staff on
September eleventh.
9.135. United States flag and state flag to be flown at half-staff when a
Missouri resident in the military dies in the line of duty.
9.136. POW/MIA flag, display of encouraged on certain dates.
9.137. Missouri school read-in day designated for second Friday in March.
9.138. Math, engineering, technology and science week designated--governor to
9.139. Parent and Family Involvement in Education Week to be designated
annually, when.
9.140. Missouri Lifelong Learning Month observed, when.
9.141. Bill of Rights Day established.
9.149. PKS day designated for December fourth.
9.155. Pancreatic cancer awareness month designated for the month of
9.156. Dress in Blue for Colon Cancer Awareness Day designated for the first
Friday in March.
9.160. Alzheimer's Awareness Day proclaimed, when.
9.161. Emancipation Day established.
9.163. Rosa Parks Day to be proclaimed annually on February fourth.
9.164. Walk & bike to school month and day designated.
9.165. Missouri bicycle month and day designation
9.167. Girl Scout Day to be proclaimed on March 12.
9.173. Child abuse prevention month designated for the month of April.
9.174. Motorcycle awareness month designated for the month of May.
9.190. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) awareness week designated for the
last week of October.

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