Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 30
State Treasurer

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August 28, 2013

30.005. State treasurer, term of office, term begins, when.
30.010. Salary of treasurer.
30.020. Bond--approval.
30.030. Bond not approved, forfeiture of office--governor to take possession.
30.040. Oath of office--bond--penalty for noncompliance.
30.050. Governor to examine bond--may require new bond.
30.060. Vacancy--governor's duties.
30.070. Vacancy--governor to fill.
30.080. Vacated office--accounts settled.
30.090. Certificate of settlement to persons entitled thereto.
30.100. Duplicate certificates--one to governor.
30.110. Certificate--action of general assembly.
30.120. Treasurer to appoint assistant treasurer and other clerical
employees--fix compensation--liable for acts of assistant
30.130. Liability of bond surety.
30.140. Seal.
30.150. Treasurer may administer oath.
30.160. Duplicate receipts--one to commissioner of administration.
30.170. State moneys, withdrawal from depositaries and disbursal--accounts.
30.180. Warrants, how paid.
30.200. Treasurer's checks valid for twelve months--duplicates--treasurer to
cooperate with law enforcement agencies.
30.205. Signature of treasurer may be printed by data processing system on
checks and drafts--security measures to be taken.
30.210. Treasurer to have access to books of other offices.
30.220. (Repealed L. 2010 H.B. 1965 A)
30.230. Immediate deposit in demand deposits.
30.240. Moneys and credits, how held and disbursed--interest, how credited.
30.245. Central check mailing fund created--treasurer to administer.
30.247. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 270 A)
30.250. Contract with depositary, terms and conditions.
30.255. Deposit of funds, duties.
30.260. Investment policy required--time and demand
deposits--investments--interest rates.
30.270. Security for safekeeping of state funds.
30.280. Accounts, how kept.
30.285. (Transferred 1971; now 136.105)
30.286. Authority to enter into agreements for certain services.
30.290. Liability of treasurer and depositaries.
30.300. Reports of treasurer and depositaries to governor, when--governor to
30.330. Official records, retention and destruction, duties.
30.350. Monthly reports to commissioner of administration.
30.360. Quarterly statements.
30.370. Report to general assembly.
30.380. Failure to report--penalty.
30.390. Failure of depositary to make proper statement--penalty.
30.400. Treasurer not to loan money--penalty--attorney general to prosecute.
30.410. Refusal to pay lawful warrant--penalty.
30.440. No deposits in bank in which officers hold stock.
30.500. Transition funds and facilities for treasurer.
30.505. Treasurer's transition period defined.
30.510. Transition facilities to be provided for treasurer.
30.600. Certain business documents deemed closed records.
30.605. State treasurer's general operations fund created, use of moneys.
30.610. Treasurer's information fund established, purpose--transfer of
balance, annual report.
30.720. (Repealed L. 2005 S.B. 394 A)
30.750. Definitions.
30.753. Treasurer's authority to invest in linked deposits, limitations.
30.756. Lending institution receiving linked deposits, requirements and
limitations--false statements as to use for loan,
penalty--eligible student borrowers--eligibility, student renewal
loans, repayment method--priority for reduced-rate loans.
30.758. Loan package acceptance or rejection--loan agreement
requirements--linked deposit at reduced market interest rate,
30.760. Loans to be at fixed rate of interest set by rules--records of loans
to be segregated--penalty for violations--state treasurer, powers
and duties.
30.763. Linked deposit review committee established--members, appointment,
qualifications--meetings, quorum--duties and powers--reports, due
30.765. State and state treasurer not liable on loans--default on a loan not
to affect deposit agreement with state.
30.767. (Repealed L. 2011 H.B. 109 A)
30.800. Definitions.
30.810. Application of linked deposits law.
30.820. Limitations on linked deposit loans.
30.830. Program funding limitation.
30.840. Renewal.
30.850. Use of proceeds.
30.860. Development facilities and renewable fuel production facilities,
certificates of qualifications issued, when--factors
considered--rulemaking authority.
30.900. Revenue sharing trust fund created--appropriations from, period of,
limitations on--fund audited, how.
30.950. Definitions--written investment policy required--state treasurer's
30.953. Missouri investment trust created, purpose, powers, duties--board of
30.954. Transfer of certain funds to the Missouri investment trust,
when--reconveyance to state treasurer, when.
30.956. Investment trust powers.
30.959. Principal office, seal, records, reports, audit.
30.962. No gain or profit for trustees or employees.
30.965. Accounts, investments--board's duties.
30.968. Transfer to treasury.
30.971. Accounting.
30.1010. Fund created, moneys to be deposited in fund.
30.1014. Fund created, moneys to be deposited in fund.
30.1015. Federal funds, authority of state treasurer to create and redesignate

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