Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 41
Military Forces

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August 28, 2013

41.010. Title of law--purpose.
41.020. Federal law applicable, when.
41.025. POW and MIA designations recognized.
41.030. Definitions.
41.033. Antiterrorism fund created, purpose--reversion to general revenue
prohibited--governor to direct expenditures--antiterrorism
activities defined.
41.040. Military division of executive department--what constitutes.
41.050. State militia, members.
41.060. Militia service, persons exempt.
41.070. Organized and unorganized militia.
41.080. Military forces, how organized--oath.
41.090. Rules and regulations.
41.100. Governor may reorganize, when.
41.110. Reserve forces--organization, discipline, government.
41.120. Governor, commander in chief of militia.
41.130. Honorary staff members, governor may appoint.
41.140. Adjutant general--appointment--compensation--bond.
41.150. Assistant adjutants general--appointment--duties.
41.160. Adjutant general--duties.
41.170. Adjutant general--records--duties.
41.180. Commissioner of war service records--appointment--compensation.
41.190. Clerical personnel--appointment--compensation.
41.200. Exhibits of equipment and property.
41.206. Missouri Youth Challenge Academy authorized, purpose--rulemaking
41.207. Missouri Youth Challenge Foundation Fund created, use of moneys.
41.210. Adjutant general's revolving fund--disbursements--exemption from
transfer to general revenue.
41.212. National Guard training site fund established--purpose--unexpended
balance exempt from transfer to general revenue.
41.214. Missouri National Guard trust fund, established, disbursements.
41.215. (Transferred 2004; now 143.1003)
41.216. Grants from the Missouri military family relief fund, who may
authorize--rulemaking authority.
41.218. Missouri military family relief fund created, use of moneys.
41.220. Military council--duties--meetings.
41.230. Federal property disbursing officer--duties--compensation.
41.240. Officers--appointment--oath.
41.250. Warrant and flight officers--appointment.
41.260. Reserve forces--selection of officers.
41.270. Officers' bonds.
41.280. Officer's accountability for property--suit for recovery,
how brought.
41.290. Assignment or transfer of officers.
41.300. Officers--resignation--acceptance refused, when.
41.310. Officers--retirement.
41.320. Officers--separation from service--reasons.
41.330. Officer dismissed from service, how.
41.340. Officer's commission--vacated, how.
41.350. Absence without leave--penalty.
41.360. Efficiency board--appointment--duties.
41.370. Medical board, duties.
41.380. Noncommissioned officers--appointment, how made.
41.390. Enlisted men--qualifications--term--oath--penalty for false
41.400. Enlisted men--transfers.
41.410. Enlisted men--discharge--separation from service.
41.420. Discharges shall be recorded and copies of records furnished
without fee.
41.430. Officers and enlisted personnel, compensation and allowances
for active duty.
41.435. Reenlistment bonus may be paid.
41.440. Active duty--expenses allowed.
41.450. Military forces, how equipped.
41.460. Discipline and training.
41.470. Order to training or special duty--pay and allowances--adjutant
general, orders effective--pay, eligibility.
41.475. Authorization to request volunteers for counter-drug
activities--delegation of authority to adjutant general.
41.480. Organized militia when called to duty--martial law.
41.490. Reserve military force--powers of governor.
41.500. Reserve forces--called to duty, when.
41.510. Refusal to obey orders--penalty.
41.520. Governor may suspend code, when.
41.530. Governor shall order militia into federal service, when.
41.540. Organized militia in federal service--retention of designations.
41.550. Credit for time in federal service.
41.560. Meritorious service medal.
41.570. Conspicuous service medal.
41.572. Legion of merit medal.
41.578. Missouri adjutant general staff identification badge.
41.580. Long service ribbon.
41.582. Missouri Iraq campaign ribbon.
41.584. Missouri Afghanistan campaign ribbon.
41.586. Missouri Kosovo campaign ribbon.
41.588. Missouri Vietnam campaign ribbon.
41.592. Missouri National Guard first sergeant ribbon.
41.594. Governor's unit citation.
41.595. Missouri National Guard oversees training ribbon, eligibility.
41.596. Missouri National Guard state partnership program ribbon, eligibility.
41.597. Order of the minuteman award, eligibility--limitation on number
41.655. Planning and zoning for unincorporated areas near military
bases--airport hazard area zoning required (Johnson County).
41.670. Armories--free use of--exempt from taxation, when.
41.672. William E. "Bud" Lewis Armory.
41.674. Lawrence A. Witt National Guard Armory designated in Lawrence County.
41.680. Members of organized militia exempt from civil process, when.
41.690. Conservators of the peace.
41.700. Organized militia not liable for acts done in performance of duty.
41.710. Blank cartridges not to be fired, when--penalty.
41.720. Resisting militia--penalty.
41.730. Militia, discrimination and interference with prohibited--penalty.
41.740. Militia--right-of-way on streets or highways--penalty for obstructing.
41.750. Campground or armory--intrusion--penalty.
41.753. Definitions--military installation commander's search and seizure
powers--organized militia members, rights and immunities.
41.780. Uniform not to be worn by unauthorized person--penalty.
41.790. Violation of code--penalty.
41.890. Military personnel to hold Missouri resident status, when.
41.900. Organized militia on active duty by governor's order covered
by workers' compensation.
41.910. Adjutant general may elect to purchase insurance or be self-insurer.
41.920. Tort liability denied.
41.930. Average earnings, how determined.
41.940. Amount of federal benefits to be deducted from state
payments--authorization required.
41.942. Leave of absence without loss of status or benefits for government
employees, when, evidence required, procedure.
41.944. Certain military service, termination of lease--requirements.
41.946. Licensure or certification by state, continuing education--exemption
from requirements for active military service.
41.948. Student of higher education called to active military
service--option for refund or incomplete grade--requirements--rules
and regulations, promulgation, procedure.
41.950. Members of military forces called to active duty--relieved from
certain provisions of law.
41.955. Lease of National Guard property authorized, purpose--contents of
41.958. Honor detail, training--rules.
41.960. Office of air search and rescue, authorized.
41.962. Purpose.
41.964. Funds, limitations.
41.966. Acceptance of gifts, grants, loans, authorized.
41.970. Civil air patrol, use in support of National Guard
missions--definitions--procedure for activation.
41.1000. Civil air patrol, members who are state employees, leave to be
granted--members generally, not subject to discharge from
employment due to membership.
41.1005. State employee leave for Coast Guard duty, when limitations--salary,
leave benefit--attorney general to enforce.
41.1010. Missouri military preparedness and enhancement commission established,
purpose, members, duties.

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