Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 68
Port Authorities

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August 28, 2013

68.010. Cities and counties authorized to form port authorities, when.
68.015. Port district, how designated--boundaries, where filed, how altered.
68.020. Purpose of port authority.
68.025. Powers of port authority.
68.030. State or its subdivisions may transfer property to port authority,
68.035. State authorized to make grants to port authorities.
68.040. Bonds of port authority, issued, when--authorized as investments--tax
exemption--procedure for issuance of bonds and notes.
68.045. Board of port authority commissioners minimum number
required--compensation, terms, duties, how fixed.
68.050. Conflict of interest by port authority commissioners prohibited.
68.055. Letting of contracts, manner, amounts.
68.057. Competitive bids required, when.
68.060. Consolidation of port districts by contract, how.
68.065. Powers of state highways and transportation commission.
68.070. Dissolution, procedure for.
68.100. Mid-America port commission agreement, commission, powers, duties.
68.105. Mid-America port commission act.
68.110. Counties included (Scotland, Knox, Shelby, Clark, Ralls, Monroe,
Lewis, Pike and Marion).
68.115. Powers of commission.
68.120. County commissioners to elect two members.
68.200. Citation of law.
68.205. Definitions.
68.210. Establishment of districts authorized, procedure.
68.215. Public hearing required--notice.
68.220. Opposition, court to serve copy of petition, procedure.
68.225. Notice, form.
68.230. Termination of district, procedure.
68.235. Levy of property tax authorized--vote required--ballot
language--repeal of tax.
68.240. County collector's and treasurer's duties--use of moneys upon
expiration of tax.
68.245. Levy of sales and use tax authorized--ballot language--collection of
tax, deposit of moneys--repeal of tax.
68.250. Conducting of election, procedure.
68.255. Statute of limitations.
68.259. Severability clause.
68.260. Applicability of law--report required.

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