Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 77
Third Class Cities

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August 28, 2013

77.010. Third class cities, incorporation and powers of.
77.020. City limits may be altered, how.
77.030. Division of city into wards--council members, terms.
77.040. Election of officers--option to appoint certain officers--terms.
77.042. City administrator, employment authorized.
77.044. Qualifications, compensation of administrator.
77.046. Other officers, appointment, discharge, regulations concerning.
77.048. Other powers of mayor and council retained.
77.050. Election may be ordered, how, when.
77.060. Councilman, qualifications.
77.070. President pro tem.
77.080. Style of ordinances--procedure to enact.
77.090. Proceedings of, how kept.
77.100. Powers of council--witnesses, papers.
77.105. Budget and expenditures, approval by ordinance, motion, or resolution
77.110. Council to publish semiannual statements.
77.120. Council may acquire land for and maintain cemetery.
77.130. Cemetery lots, how conveyed.
77.140. May control watercourses, establish water reservoirs, market
houses, city hall and parks.
77.150. Cities may acquire property for dams, flood protection, bathhouses.
77.160. Payment for property acquired--issuance of bonds.
77.170. Manner of purchasing and condemning lands.
77.180. Election to be held for issuance of bonds.
77.190. May purchase fire-fighting equipment.
77.200. Railroads or street railroads--powers of council.
77.210. Thirty-year franchises and extensions may be granted for supplying
heat--voter approval required, procedure.
77.220. May change names of streets, how.
77.230. Qualifications of mayor.
77.240. Vacancy in office of mayor, how filled, exceptions--president pro tem,
duties of.
77.250. Mayor to be president of council--vote.
77.260. Powers and duties of mayor and council generally.
77.270. Mayor to approve ordinances--may veto--proceedings when vetoed.
77.280. Mayor may veto resolutions and orders.
77.290. Mayor shall communicate to the council, what.
77.310. May require officers to exhibit accounts.
77.320. Mayor to sign all commissions and appointments--bond approval by
77.330. May appoint what officers.
77.340. May remove officer with consent of council.
77.350. Shall enforce ordinances.
77.360. May remit fines.
77.370. Elective officers--option to appoint certain officers--terms.
77.380. Officers to be voters and residents of city, exceptions, appointed
77.390. Officer's oath--bond.
77.400. Term officer construed.
77.410. City clerk--duties.
77.440. Compensation of officers and employees.
77.450. Vacancies, how filled.
77.460. Corrupt allowance of claim, how punished.
77.480. Duties may be regulated by ordinance--bonds required.
77.490. May fix certain rates.
77.500. May also regulate and control the construction of buildings.
77.505. Electricians and electric contractors, certain cities third class
may license and regulate--exceptions--examination and inspection
77.510. May regulate lumber yards--running at large of animals and
fowls--provide pounds and impose penalties.
77.520. May control streets, sidewalks, amusements.
77.530. Powers of council, quarantine, condemnation, police power outside
77.550. Inspection, weighing.
77.560. Slaughterhouses, stockyards.
77.570. Police regulations.
77.580. (Repealed L. 2006 S.B. 919 A)
77.590. Council may make ordinances and rules and regulations and establish
penalties for violation.
77.600. Claims and suits for damages--notice.
77.610. Shall give bond on appeal.
77.650. Recall of elected officials--procedure--limitations.
77.655. Recall petitions, examination and certification by county
clerk--amended, when--duties of clerk and council.
77.660. Recall petition, election on, when, form of question--removal of
official, when, vacancy created.
77.670. Reserve funds, certain third class cities may establish (including
North Kansas City).
77.675. Ordinances, adoption and repeal process (City of Farmington).

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