Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 80
Towns and Villages

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August 28, 2013

80.010. Town construed.
80.020. Towns and villages--how incorporated.
80.040. Board of trustees--corporate powers vested in--terms of office.
80.050. Trustees--qualifications.
80.060. Trustees--oath--organization--meetings.
80.070. Trustees--quorum.
80.080. Trustees--powers and duties as to members and meetings.
80.090. Trustees--power to pass certain ordinances.
80.100. Trustees--style of ordinances.
80.110. Trustees--passage of ordinances.
80.120. Trustees--publication of ordinances--chairman.
80.130. Trustees--sprinkling and oiling of streets.
80.140. Sprinkling or oiling of streets--estimate of cost--notice of
80.150. Sprinkling or oiling of streets--special ordinance.
80.160. Sprinkling or oiling of streets--tax bill--limitation on cost.
80.170. Trustees--restraint of domestic animals.
80.180. Trustees--powers as to sidewalks.
80.190. Trustees--repair of sidewalks, procedure.
80.200. Repair of sidewalks--publication of notice.
80.210. Trustees--semiannual reports.
80.220. Semiannual report, failure to make--penalty.
80.230. Trustees--vacancy, how filled.
80.240. Trustees--power of appointment.
80.250. Appointed officers--bond.
80.400. Marshal--powers.
80.410. Marshal--police powers.
80.420. Marshal and policemen--removal.
80.430. Taxes a lien on property.
80.440. Redemption of property.
80.450. Compensation of county clerk.
80.460. County clerk to furnish abstract from assessment books--tax levy
not to exceed maximum rate except by special vote.
80.470. Additional levies--maximum rates.
80.480. Assessment and collection of revenues.
80.490. Trustees--taxing powers.
80.560. Failure to elect officers--procedure.
80.570. Disincorporation procedure.
80.575. Election not required, when.
80.580. Disincorporation through failure of trustees to qualify.
80.600. No rights affected by disincorporation.
80.610. Trustee in disincorporation--appointment.
80.620. Trustee in disincorporation--bond.
80.630. Trustee in disincorporation--powers.
80.640. Trustee in disincorporation--report.
80.650. Trustee in disincorporation--duties on conclusion of trust.
80.660. Trustee in disincorporation--compensation.
80.670. Disincorporated town or village--disposition of revenue.

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