Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 82
Constitutional Charter Cities

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August 28, 2013

82.010. Certain cities declared constitutional charter cities.
82.020. Constitutional charter, certain cities and towns may adopt or amend,
82.040. Officers, tenure upon adoption of charter--vacancy in office,
how filled.
82.050. Consistent ordinances to remain in force.
82.060. Adoption not to affect existing rights.
82.070. Accrued rights or penalties not affected by adoption.
82.080. Tax liens on realty vested in city.
82.090. Extension of limits.
82.100. Annexed territory to be divided into wards.
82.110. City may be redistricted, when.
82.120. Redistricting ordinance to be published.
82.130. Redistricting not to affect eligibility of electors.
82.150. Wards to be of adjacent territory--numbering.
82.160. Election--new ward.
82.170. Redistricting not to affect term of office of incumbent.
82.180. Providing for nominations and the form of ballot.
82.190. City has exclusive control of public highways.
82.200. Attestation of ordinances--evidence, when.
82.210. Action for damages maintained, how.
82.220. Bonds in judicial proceedings.
82.230. Regulation of public franchises.
82.240. Parks, cemeteries may be provided for.
82.250. Certain cities may acquire subways.
82.260. May operate, lease and regulate subways.
82.270. May issue subway revenue bonds.
82.280. Certain county officers to perform duties for cities,
82.290. Certain officers to administer oaths free.
82.291. Derelict vehicle, removal as a nuisance (Hazelwood)--definition,
procedure--termination date.
82.293. No surcharge or fee to compensate school districts without statutory
authority (Lee's Summit).
82.300. Certain cities may enact ordinances, purposes, punishments (including
Kansas City).
82.310. License collector.
82.311. License collector, St. Louis City, qualifications--residence
requirement, violation, forfeiture of office.
82.320. Word license construed.
82.330. License collector, election, term, oath, bond--vacancy.
82.340. Powers and duties of license collector--duties may not be altered.
82.350. List of licenses to be maintained.
82.360. Procedure in obtaining and granting license.
82.370. Separate records to be kept--open to inspection.
82.390. Compensation of license collector--appointment of deputies and
employees (St. Louis City).
82.395. St. Louis license collector, procedural duties, payment of
salaries--deficiency in salary pay, discharge of
deficiency--effect of law--notary public.
82.397. St. Louis license collector to make annual settlement with
treasurer--vouchers--residual fees.
82.400. Collector to make weekly payments to city treasurer--duty of
82.410. Powers and duties of certain officers transferred to license
82.420. Public market.
82.430. Business to be regulated, rental fixed.
82.440. When not to sell marketplaces now owned.
82.450. Corporation may condemn land for marketplaces, when.
82.460. Streetcar gates, passengers, regulation.
82.461. Zoning permit not to issue for certain facilities unless notice is
given to adjoining landowners--Kansas City.
82.470. Parking lots and buildings--St. Louis may acquire, lease--limitations
on use.
82.480. Financing of parking lots, methods.
82.485. City treasurer supervisor of parking meters--powers and
duties--parking meter fund--parking commission.
82.487. Parking commission, duties--city treasurer to serve as parking
supervisor, duties, when (St. Louis City).
82.490. City treasurer--commission--term--vacancy, how filled.
82.500. City treasurer--bond.
82.510. General duties.
82.515. City treasurer, supervision of parking meters--term.
82.516. City treasurer, additional compensation.
82.520. Compensation of city treasurer (St. Louis City).
82.530. Deputies and clerks.
82.540. Assessment division.
82.550. Assessor appointed by mayor--term.
82.560. Assessor--qualifications--compensation--duties--oath.
82.570. Costs and expenses of assessments, how paid.
82.580. Deputy assessors--qualifications--powers--oath--duties.
82.590. Bonds of assessors and deputies.
82.599. Collector of revenue, compensation (St. Louis City).
82.605. Compensation for collecting earnings tax.
82.607. Additional duty, financial report.
82.610. Number of deputies, assistants, and clerks and their compensation to
be set by ordinance (St. Louis).
82.630. Appointment of additional clerical help.
82.640. Deputies' oath and bond.
82.650. Fees to be collected.
82.660. Annual settlement of fees.
82.670. Who to pay in case fees are insufficient for the maintenance of
82.680. Other compensation abolished.
82.690. Coroner's inquest costs to be paid out of city treasury.
82.700. Duties of county commission--who to perform in St. Louis.
82.710. Duties of county clerk to be performed by the register.
82.715. Board of aldermen may pay additional compensation to certain
officials, when.
82.790. Certain cities may condemn property outside city.
82.800. Condemnation proceedings--manner--where.
82.810. Owner may cross adjoining property to repair dangerous structure in
St. Louis, when.
82.815. Number of days city offices to remain open, how set.
82.817. Designated agents for certain landowners within St. Louis
82.850. Retail sales of meals or drink, tax on gross receipts--ballot
language--trust fund established (Cities of Independence and
82.851. Retail sales of food, tax on gross receipts
permitted--definitions--ballot language--trust fund established
(City of Independence).
82.875. Police services sales tax--vote required--fund created, use of moneys
(City of Independence).
82.1000. Forfeiture of motor vehicles, power to enact ordinances,
requirements, procedure.
82.1025. Nuisance action for deteriorated property (Jefferson, Platte,
Franklin, and St. Louis counties, Springfield, St. Louis,
Kansas City).
82.1026. Vacant nuisance building or structure, building official may petition
for appointment of receiver (Kansas City).
82.1027. Definitions.
82.1028. Applicability to Kansas City.
82.1029. Abatement of a nuisance, neighborhood organization may seek
injunctive relief, procedure.
82.1030. Statutes not to abrogate any equitable right or remedy--standing
not granted, when.
82.1035. Geographical information system, definitions, purpose, licensing, use
of information, cost, no liability for errors.
82.1050. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)

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