Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 84
Police Departments in St. Louis and Kansas City

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August 28, 2013

84.010. (L. 2012 Repealed by Initiative, Proposition A, November 6, 2012)
84.015. Venue for civil actions, (St. Louis).
84.020. Board of police commissioners--members--officers (St. Louis).
84.030. Police commissioners, appointment--term of office--vacancies
(St. Louis).
84.040. Police commissioners--qualifications--term of
84.050. Board of police, treasurer--appointment--tenure--bond (St. Louis).
84.060. Board of police--secretary, appointment, salary.
84.070. Board of police--quorum--vacancy (St. Louis).
84.080. Police commissioners--forfeiture of office--removal (St. Louis).
84.090. Board of police--duties, powers (St. Louis).
84.095. Venue for actions against St. Louis police commissioners.
84.100. Board to establish police force, size of force.
84.110. Board of police--hours of service--emergency powers (St. Louis).
84.120. Police force members--qualifications--removal--delegation of
jurisdiction of hearing officers, functions (St. Louis).
84.130. Reemployment of veterans, when.
84.140. Vacations, holidays and off-duty time.
84.150. Number of officers in each rank.
84.160. Board of police commissioners to determine salaries--overtime, how
compensated--other employment benefits--unused vacation,
compensation for certain officers.
84.170. Police force vacancies and promotions--rules of board (St. Louis).
84.175. Police reserve force authorized, powers and duties--riots or
emergencies, may appoint additional members.
84.180. Police force--acceptance of gratuities prohibited--disposition of
fines (St. Louis).
84.190. Board of police--equipment and clerical personnel--use of fire alarm
telegraph--procedure in case of hindrance (St. Louis).
84.200. Duty of sheriff to aid in maintaining public peace (St. Louis).
84.210. Board of police--annual estimate of expenses, contents--claims
for expenses (St. Louis).
84.220. (L. 2012 Repealed by Initiative, Proposition A, November 6, 2012)
84.230. Arrests--procedure (St. Louis).
84.240. Bertillon system of identification authorized (St. Louis).
84.250. Board of police--records--annual report (St. Louis).
84.260. Mounted police (St. Louis).
84.265. Policewomen, appointment, powers (St. Louis).
84.330. Police force members are officers of state (St. Louis).
84.340. Board of police--power to regulate private detectives (St. Louis).
84.341. Prohibition on state officials and political subdivisions interfering
with the St. Louis municipal police force--construction of
84.342. Unlawful employment practice, when--cause of action for damages
permitted, when.
84.343. Purpose of establishing a municipal police force, St. Louis
City--written license required, when, penalty.
84.344. Establishment of municipal police force
authorized--procedure--employment of commissioned and civil
personnel--separate division to be established,
procedure--benefits for personnel--transition committee, duties.
84.345. Board of police commissioners, terms to expire--continued operation,
when--state to provide legal representation, when--police chief,
no restriction on selection of--sheriff's duties.
84.346. Police pension system, continuation of.
84.347. Nonseverability clause.
84.350. Board of police commissioners--organization--qualifications, terms,
salaries, audits (Kansas City).
84.360. Board of police--appointment--term of office--vacancy (Kansas City).
84.370. Board of police--oath (Kansas City).
84.380. Board of police, treasurer--appointment--tenure--bond (Kansas City).
84.390. Police commissioners--removal (Kansas City).
84.400. Police commissioners, members of force--forfeiture of office (Kansas
84.410. Board of police--quorum--effective time of regulations (Kansas
84.420. Board of police--duties, responsibilities, determination of
policies (Kansas City).
84.430. Board of police--personnel disciplinary cases--decrease of
force--witnesses, summons and administration of oaths (Kansas
84.440. Police officials--power to cause arrest (Kansas City).
84.450. Board of police--office and furniture--seal--police districts--use of
equipment (Kansas City).
84.460. Board of police--exclusive management and control of police
force (Kansas City).
84.470. Permanent police force (Kansas City).
84.480. Chief of police--appointment--qualifications--compensation (Kansas
84.490. Chief of police--tenure--removal or demotion--acting chief (Kansas
84.500. Chief of police--powers and duties (Kansas City).
84.510. Police officers and officials--appointment--compensation (Kansas
84.520. Police department, civilian employees--salaries (Kansas City).
84.530. Police department--salaries payable, when (Kansas City).
84.540. Reserve force organized, when, uniforms--emergency appointments
(Kansas City).
84.550. Police department--reemployment of veterans (Kansas City).
84.560. Police force--ranks (Kansas City).
84.570. Police force--qualifications--competitive examinations--eligible
list--rules by board (Kansas City).
84.580. Police force--list of personnel--candidate's right to examine test
papers and marks (Kansas City).
84.590. Police department--vacancies filled by promotion (Kansas City).
84.600. Police force--probationary term--removal and alternatives
(Kansas City).
84.610. Police personnel--right to public hearing (Kansas City).
84.620. Board of police--enforcement of regulations (Kansas City).
84.630. Police force--acceptance of gratuities prohibited--disposition of
fines (Kansas City).
84.640. Police force--power to make arrests (Kansas City).
84.650. Arrests--procedure (Kansas City).
84.710. Police force--officers of state--powers to arrest (Kansas City).
84.720. Police commissioners, power to regulate security
personnel--fingerprint, criminal history record check--penalty
(Kansas City).
84.730. Board of police--annual budget estimate--appropriations
(Kansas City).
84.740. Board of police--annual budget--expenditures (Kansas City).
84.750. Board of police--expenditure vouchers (Kansas City).
84.760. Board of police--limitation of expenditures--penalty for violation
(Kansas City).
84.770. Organization or payment of other police force prohibited (Kansas
84.780. Board of police--requisitions--claims (Kansas City).
84.790. Board of police--journal--records--annual report (Kansas City).
84.800. Police relief association (Kansas City).
84.810. Police relief association--police board assistance (Kansas City).
84.820. Aged and disabled police force members--special provisions (Kansas
84.830. Police department--prohibited activities--penalties (Kansas City).
84.840. Police department--annual audit of accounts (Kansas City).
84.850. Police department--certain contracts with municipal government
(Kansas City).
84.860. Interference with enforcement of sections 84.350 to 84.860--penalty.
84.870. Police officer--holidays.
84.880. Holidays--no salary deduction.
84.890. Holidays--set apart by chief.

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