Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 109
Public and Business Records
Section 109.230

August 28, 2014

Duties of director.

109.230. The director shall, with due regard for the functions of the agencies concerned, and subject to the approval of the secretary of state:

(1) Establish standards, procedures, and techniques for effective management of records;

(2) Make continuing surveys of paperwork operations and recommend improvements in current records management practices including the use of space, equipment and supplies employed in creating, maintaining, storing and servicing records;

(3) With approval of the state records commission or local records board, establish standards for the preparation of schedules which provide for the retention of state or local records of continuing value and for the prompt and orderly disposal of state or local records no longer possessing sufficient administrative, legal, historical or fiscal value to warrant their future keeping;

(4) Publish lists of records authorized for disposal or retention;

(5) Supervise the state records center and archives;

(6) Establish standards and formulate procedures for the transfer, safeguarding and servicing of records;

(7) Evaluate economies of microfilming services for agencies;

(8) Obtain reports from agencies as required for the administration of the program;

(9) Serve as secretary to the state records commission; and

(10) Make copies of the public records filed with the state archives available at the expense of any person requesting copies.

(L. 1965 p. 233 ยง 4, A.L. 1972 S.B. 376, A.L. 1978 S.B. 755)

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