Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 115
Election Authorities and Conduct of Elections
Section 115.635

August 28, 2014

Class three election offenses.

115.635. The following offenses, and any others specifically so described by law, shall be class three election offenses and are deemed misdemeanors connected with the exercise of the right of suffrage. Conviction for any of these offenses shall be punished by imprisonment of not more than one year or by fine of not more than two thousand five hundred dollars, or by both such imprisonment and fine:

(1) Giving, lending, agreeing to give or lend, offering, promising, or endeavoring to procure, any money or valuable consideration, office, or place of employment, to or for any voter, to or for any person on behalf of any voter, or to or for any person, in order to induce any voter to vote or refrain from voting or corruptly doing any such act on account of such voter having already voted or refrained from voting at any election;

(2) Making use of, or threatening to make use of, any force, violence, or restraint, or inflicting or threatening to inflict any injury, damage, harm or loss upon or against any person, in order to induce or compel such person to vote or refrain from voting at any election;

(3) Impeding or preventing, or attempting to impede or prevent, by abduction, duress or any fraudulent device or contrivance, the free exercise of the franchise of any voter or, by abduction, duress, or any fraudulent device, compelling, inducing, or prevailing upon any voter to vote or refrain from voting at any election;

(4) Giving, or making an agreement to give, any money, property, right in action, or other gratuity or reward, in consideration of any grant or deputation of office;

(5) Bringing into this state any nonresident person with intent that such person shall vote at an election without possessing the requisite qualifications;

(6) Asking for, receiving, or taking any money or other reward by way of gift, loan, or other device or agreeing or contracting for any money, gift, office, employment, or other reward, for giving, or refraining from giving, his or her vote in any election;

(7) Removing, destroying or altering any supplies or information placed in or near a voting booth for the purpose of enabling a voter to prepare his or her ballot;

(8) Entering a voting booth or compartment except as specifically authorized by law;

(9) On the part of any election official, challenger, watcher or person assisting a person to vote, revealing or disclosing any information as to how any voter may have voted, indicated that the person had voted except as authorized by this chapter, indicated an intent to vote or offered to vote, except to a grand jury or pursuant to a lawful subpoena in a court proceeding relating to an election offense;

(10) On the part of any registration or election official, refusing to permit any person to register to vote or to vote when such official knows the person is legally entitled to register or legally entitled to vote;

(11) Attempting to commit or participating in an attempt to commit any class one or class two election offense.

(L. 1977 H.B. 101 ยง 15.015, A.L. 1997 S.B. 132, A.L. 1999 H.B. 676)

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