Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 116
Initiative and Referendum
Section 116.025

August 28, 2014

Attorney general sent fair ballot language, when--statement posted at polling place.

116.025. The secretary of state within twenty days of receiving a statewide ballot measure shall prepare and transmit to the attorney general fair ballot language statements that fairly and accurately explain what a vote for and what a vote against the measure represent. Each statement shall be posted in each polling place next to the sample ballot. Such fair ballot language statements shall be true and impartial statements of the effect of a vote for and against the measure in language neither intentionally argumentative nor likely to create prejudice for or against the proposed measure. In addition, such fair ballot language shall include a statement as to whether the measure will increase, decrease, or have no impact on taxes, including the specific category of tax. Such fair ballot language statements may be challenged in accordance with section 116.190. The attorney general shall within ten days approve the legal content and form of the proposed statements.

(L. 2003 H.B. 511)

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