Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 116
Initiative and Referendum
Section 116.200

August 28, 2014

Secretary of state's decision as to sufficiency of petition may be reversed, procedure--appeal.

116.200. 1. After the secretary of state certifies a petition as sufficient or insufficient, any citizen may apply to the circuit court of Cole County to compel him to reverse his decision. The action must be brought within ten days after the certification is made. All such suits shall be advanced on the court docket and heard and decided by the court as quickly as possible.

2. If the court decides the petition is sufficient, the secretary of state shall certify it as sufficient and attach a copy of the judgment. If the court decides the petition is insufficient, the court shall enjoin the secretary of state from certifying the measure and all other officers from printing the measure on the ballot.

3. Within ten days after a decision is rendered, any party may appeal it to the supreme court.

(L. 1980 S.B. 658)

Effective 1-1-81

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