Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 135
Tax Relief
Section 135.545

August 28, 2014

Tax credit for investing in the transportation development of a distressed community--approval of investment by economic development, credit carried forward, transfer of certificate of credit, maximum amount allowed.

135.545. A taxpayer shall be allowed a credit for taxes paid pursuant to chapter 143, 147 or 148 in an amount equal to fifty percent of a qualified investment in transportation development for aviation, mass transportation, including parking facilities for users of mass transportation, railroads, ports, including parking facilities and limited access roads within ports, waterborne transportation, bicycle and pedestrian paths, or rolling stock located in a distressed community as defined in section 135.530, and which are part of a development plan approved by the appropriate local agency. If the department of economic development determines the investment has been so approved, the department shall grant the tax credit in order of date received. A taxpayer may carry forward any unused tax credit for up to ten years and may carry it back for the previous three years until such credit has been fully claimed. Certificates of tax credit issued in accordance with this section may be transferred, sold or assigned by notarized endorsement which names the transferee. The tax credits allowed pursuant to this section shall be for an amount of no more than ten million dollars for each year. This credit shall apply to returns filed for all taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 1999. Any unused portion of the tax credit authorized pursuant to this section shall be available for use in the future by those entities until fully claimed. For purposes of this section, a "taxpayer" shall include any charitable organization that is exempt from federal income tax and whose Missouri unrelated business taxable income, if any, would be subject to the state income tax imposed under chapter 143.

(L. 1998 H.B. 1656, A.L. 2007 1st Ex. Sess H.B. 1)

Effective 11-28-07


Tax Credit Accountability Act of 2004, additional requirements, 135.800 to 135.830

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