Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 137
Assessment and Levy of Property Taxes
Section 137.340

August 28, 2014

Taxpayer to file return listing all tangible personal property.

137.340. Every person, corporation, partnership or association, subject to taxation under the laws of this state, owning or controlling tangible personal property taxable by any such county, except merchants and manufacturers, and except railroads, public utilities, pipeline companies or any other person or corporation subject to special statutory tax requirements, who shall return and file their assessments on locally assessed property no later than April first, shall file with the assessor of the county an itemized return listing all the tangible personal property so owned or controlled on January first of each year, together with such additional information as required by the assessor to permit a determination of its value. The returns shall be delivered to the office of the assessor of the county between the first day of January and the first day of March of each year and shall be signed and certified by the taxpayer as being a true and complete list or statement of all the taxable tangible personal property and the estimated true value thereof. The assessor shall have available at his office a supply of appropriate forms or blanks on which the return by the taxpayer shall be made. For the convenience of taxpayers the assessor shall mail to or leave at the residence or place of business of the taxpayer a form for making the return.

(L. 1945 p. 1930 ยง 5, A.L. 1959 H.B. 108, A.L. 1992 S.B. 630)

Effective 7-9-92


Equalization of merchants' and manufacturers' assessments, in first classification counties, 138.090, 138.100, 138.120, 138.130

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