Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 140
Collection of Delinquent Taxes Generally
Section 140.160

August 28, 2014

Limitation of actions, exceptions--county auditor to annually audit.

140.160. 1. No proceedings for the sale of land and lots for delinquent taxes pursuant to this chapter or unpaid special assessments, relating to the collection of delinquent and back taxes and unpaid special assessments and providing for foreclosure sale and redemption of land and lots therefor, shall be valid unless initial proceedings therefor shall be commenced within three years after delinquency of such taxes and unpaid special assessments, and any sale held pursuant to initial proceedings commenced within such period of three years shall be deemed to have been in compliance with the provisions of said law insofar as the time at which such sales are to be had is specified therein; provided further, that in suits or actions to collect delinquent drainage and/or levee assessments on real estate such suits or actions shall be commenced within three years after delinquency, otherwise no suit or action therefor shall be commenced, had or maintained, except that the three-year limitation described in this subsection shall not be applicable if any written instrument conveys any real estate having a tax-exempt status, if such instrument causes such real estate to again become taxable real property and if such instrument has not been recorded in the office of the recorder in the county in which the real estate has been situated. Such three-year limitation shall only be applicable once the recording of the title has occurred.

2. The county auditor in all counties having a county auditor shall annually audit collections, deposits, and supporting reports of the collector and provide a copy of such audit to the county collector and to the governing body of the county. A copy of the audit may be provided to all applicable taxing entities within the county at the discretion of the county collector.

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Prior revisions: 1929 § 9961; 1919 § 12951; 1909 § 11504

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