Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 140
Collection of Delinquent Taxes Generally
Section 140.340

August 28, 2014

Redemption, when--manner.

140.340. 1. The owner or occupant of any land or lot sold for taxes, or any other persons having an interest therein, may redeem the same at any time during the one year next ensuing, in the following manner: by paying to the county collector, for the use of the purchaser, his heirs or assigns, the full sum of the purchase money named in his certificate of purchase and all the cost of the sale, including the cost to record the certificate of purchase as required in section 140.290, the fee necessary for the collector to record the release of such certificate of purchase, and the cost of the title search and mailings of notification required in sections 140.150 to 140.405, together with interest at the rate specified in such certificate, not to exceed ten percent annually, except on a sum paid by a purchaser in excess of the delinquent taxes due plus costs of the sale, no interest shall be owing on the excess amount, with all subsequent taxes which have been paid thereon by the purchaser, his heirs or assigns with interest at the rate of eight percent per annum on such taxes subsequently paid, and in addition thereto the person redeeming any land shall pay the costs incident to entry of recital of such redemption.

2. Upon deposit with the county collector of the amount necessary to redeem as herein provided, it shall be the duty of the county collector to mail to the purchaser, his heirs or assigns, at the last post office address if known, and if not known, then to the address of the purchaser as shown in the record of the certificate of purchase, notice of such deposit for redemption.

3. Such notice, given as herein provided, shall stop payment to the purchaser, his heirs or assigns of any further interest or penalty.

4. In case the party purchasing said land, his heirs or assigns fails to take a tax deed for the land so purchased within six months after the expiration of the one year next following the date of sale, no interest shall be charged or collected from the redemptioner after that time.

(RSMo 1939 ยง 11145, A.L. 2003 S.B. 295, A.L. 2004 S.B. 1012, A.L. 2010 H.B. 1316)

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