Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 143
Income Tax
Section 143.106

August 28, 2014

Federal income tax deductions.

143.106. 1. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 143.171, to the contrary, a taxpayer shall be allowed a deduction for his federal income tax liability under chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code for the same taxable year for which the Missouri return is being filed after reduction for all credits thereon, except the credit for payments of federal estimated tax, the credit for the overpayment of any federal tax, and the credits allowed by the Internal Revenue Code by section 31 (tax withheld on wages), section 27 (tax of foreign country and United States possessions), and section 34 (tax on certain uses of gasoline, special fuels, and lubricating oils).

2. If a federal income tax liability for a tax year prior to the applicability of sections 143.011 to 143.996 for which he was not previously entitled to a Missouri deduction is later paid or accrued, he may deduct the federal tax in the later year to the extent it would have been deductible if paid or accrued in the prior year.

(L. 1993 S.B. 380 ยงยง B, 2)

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