Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 144
Sales and Use Tax
Section 144.701

August 28, 2014

One cent sales and use tax designated local tax--collection fee allowed state--school district trust fund created, investment.

144.701. The revenue derived from the rate of one cent on the dollar of the tax imposed by sections 144.010 to 144.430 and sections 144.600 to 144.745 which shall be deemed to be local tax revenue, shall be deposited by the state treasurer in a special trust fund, which is hereby created, to be known as the "School District Trust Fund". The money in the fund shall be distributed to the public school districts of the state in the manner provided in sections 163.031 and 163.087 and shall be appropriated and used for no other purpose; except that, of all refunds made of taxes collected under the provisions of sections 144.010 to 144.430 and sections 144.600 to 144.745, the appropriate percentage of any refund shall be paid from the school district trust fund, and except that the state may retain a fee as a charge for collecting and disbursing moneys so deposited, and transfers may be made from the fund as provided in section 164.013. The state collection fee shall not exceed two and one-half million dollars or one percent of the amount deposited in the fund, whichever is less. The fee shall be negotiated annually through the appropriation process. Any balance remaining in the fund at the end of an appropriation period shall not be transferred to general revenue, and the provisions of section 33.080 shall not apply to the fund. Moneys in the trust fund shall be invested by the state treasurer in the same deposits and obligations in which state funds are authorized by law to be invested, except that the deposits and obligations shall mature and become payable in time for distribution of the funds as provided in sections 163.031 and 163.087.

(L. 1982 Adopted by Initiative, Proposition C, November 2, 1982, A.L. 1983 H.B. 310, A.L. 1993 S.B. 380)

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