Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 162
School Districts
Section 162.740

August 28, 2014

District of residence to pay toward cost, when--amount, how calculated.

162.740. The district of residence of each child attending a Missouri school for the severely disabled or an educational program for a full-time patient or resident at a facility operated by the department of mental health, except school districts which are a part of a special district and except special school districts, shall pay toward the cost of the education of the child an amount equal to the average sum produced per child by the local tax effort of the district. The district of residence shall be notified each year, not later than December fifteenth, of the names and addresses of pupils enrolled in such schools. In the case of a special district, said special district shall be responsible for an amount per child not to exceed the average sum produced per child by the local tax efforts of the component districts. The district of residence of the child's parents or guardians shall be the district responsible for local tax contributions required by this section.

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