Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 171
School Operations
Section 171.033

August 28, 2014

Make-up of days lost or cancelled, number required--exemption, when--waiver for schools in session twelve months of year, granted when.

171.033. 1. "Inclement weather", for purposes of this section, shall be defined as ice, snow, extreme cold, flooding, or a tornado, but such term shall not include excessive heat.

2. A district shall be required to make up the first six days of school lost or cancelled due to inclement weather and half the number of days lost or cancelled in excess of six days if the makeup of the days is necessary to ensure that the district's students will attend a minimum of one hundred forty-two days and a minimum of one thousand forty-four hours for the school year except as otherwise provided in this section. Schools with a four-day school week may schedule such make-up days on Fridays.

3. In the 2009-10 school year and subsequent years, a school district may be exempt from the requirement to make up days of school lost or cancelled due to inclement weather in the school district when the school district has made up the six days required under subsection 2 of this section and half the number of additional lost or cancelled days up to eight days, resulting in no more than ten total make-up days required by this section.

4. The commissioner of education may provide, for any school district in which schools are in session for twelve months of each calendar year that cannot meet the minimum school calendar requirement of at least one hundred seventy-four days for schools with a five-day school week or one hundred forty-two days for schools with a four-day school week and one thousand forty-four hours of actual pupil attendance, upon request, a waiver to be excused from such requirement. This waiver shall be requested from the commissioner of education and may be granted if the school was closed due to circumstances beyond school district control, including inclement weather, flooding or fire.

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Make-up days lost due to inclement weather when and how made up, 160.041

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