Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 191
Health and Welfare
Section 191.694

August 28, 2014

Infection control procedures--requirements and training for health care facilities and professionals.

191.694. 1. All health care professionals and health care facilities shall adhere to universal precautions, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control of the United States Public Health Service, including the appropriate use of hand washing, protective barriers, and care in the use and disposal of needles and other sharp instruments, to minimize the risk of transmission of HIV, HBV and other blood-borne infections to patients. Health care professionals and health care facilities shall comply with current guidelines, established by the Centers for Disease Control, for disinfection and sterilization of reusable devices used in invasive procedures.

2. Health care professionals who have exudative lesions or weeping dermatitis of the hands, forearms, or other locations that may contact patients, particularly on exposed areas such as hands or forearms, shall refrain from performing all invasive procedures, and from handling patient-care equipment and devices used in performing invasive procedures until the condition resolves.

3. As a condition for renewal of a certificate of registration or authority, permit, or license, all health care facilities shall provide satisfactory evidence that periodic training in infection control procedures, including universal precautions, is provided to all personnel who perform patient care services at or from such facilities. Regulations for such training shall be promulgated by the state regulatory authorities or bodies responsible for licensing the respective health care facilities.

4. All health care professionals who perform invasive procedures shall receive training on infection control procedures relevant to HIV and related diseases, including universal precautions and prevention of percutaneous injuries, appropriate for their specialty and approved by the department of health and senior services. The department of health and senior services, in cooperation with appropriate state regulatory authorities responsible for licensing the respective health care professionals and in cooperation with professional societies, shall develop regulations for such training. The requirements set forth in this subsection shall be deemed satisfied if the health care professional completes the training provided in accordance with the provisions of subsection 3 of this section.

(L. 1992 S.B. 511 & 556 ยง 191.694 subsecs. 1 to 4)

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