Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 192
Department of Health and Senior Services
Section 192.050

August 28, 2014

Department to maintain certain bureaus--establishment of others.

192.050. The department of health and senior services shall maintain a bureau of vital statistics, a bureau of laboratories, a bureau of communicable diseases, a bureau of food and drug inspection, a bureau of child hygiene, a bureau of public health nursing, a bureau of tuberculosis control, a bureau of cancer control, a bureau of dental health, and other bureaus as may be necessary from time to time. The director of the department shall formulate orders and findings for the proper conduct of the bureaus.

(RSMo 1939 § 9737, A.L. 1945 p. 945 § 15)

Prior revisions: 1929 § 9017; 1919 § 5774

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