Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 192
Department of Health and Senior Services
Section 192.707

August 28, 2014

Arthritis advisory board established--members, terms, appointment, vacancies--meetings--chairman, term--duties, reports, reimbursement of expenses.

192.707. 1. The "Missouri Arthritis Advisory Board" is established within the department of health and senior services, as a continuation of the arthritis advisory board in existence on August 13, 1984. The board shall consist of twenty-five members. The members of the board that are serving on August 13, 1984, shall continue until the expiration of this term. The board shall submit a list of names to the director as recommendations to fill expired terms on the board. The director shall fill each expired membership on the board, each of the appointees to serve for a term of four years and until his successor is appointed and confirmed. Vacancies on the board arising from reasons other than expiration of the member's term shall be filled by the director for the time remaining in the unexpired term.

2. The board shall meet semiannually and at other such times as called by the chairman of the board. The chairman shall be elected from the board membership at the first board meeting, and shall serve as chairman until a new chairman is elected, or until his term on the board expires, whichever occurs first.

3. The board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the committee, and report annually to the department and to the state board of health regarding the implementing of the statewide arthritis plan, making recommendations for necessary changes in content and direction.

4. The board shall be responsible for development and recommendations of guidelines for programs supported under the state arthritis program, and make recommendations on program relevance of grant applications funded under the state arthritis program. The board will make final recommendations to the director regarding programs and grants of the state arthritis program.

5. Any reimbursement of members of the board for their actual and necessary expenses shall be subject to appropriations.

(L. 1984 H.B. 1028 ยง 4, A.L. 2002 H.B. 1953)

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