Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 161
State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

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August 28, 2013

161.020. Department of elementary and secondary education
created--superintendents of schools for deaf and for blind
161.022. State board of education--appointment, terms, removal, compensation.
161.032. Qualifications of state board members.
161.042. Oath of office.
161.052. Vacancies in office.
161.062. Selection of officers of the board.
161.072. Meetings of board--records, electronic availability, when.
161.082. Board members may not act individually--quorum.
161.092. Powers and duties of state board.
161.093. High school equivalency certificate may be issued by state
board, when.
161.094. Examinations for high school equivalency certificate, what
tests acceptable.
161.095. Fee for examination.
161.097. Evaluation of teacher education programs--accreditation of law
schools--rights of graduates.
161.098. Retention and recruitment of teachers, report required.
161.099. Department to ensure that curriculum promotes preparation of teachers.
161.101. Scoring rubric on performance not to be used, when--department to
develop rubric, where.
161.102. State board to adopt rules concerning courses in physical education
and provide manual--procedure.
161.104. State board to adopt rules on instruction of etiquette concerning
the U.S. flag.
161.106. Career and student organizations' activities, department to provide
staffing support--handling of organization funds.
161.112. Commissioner of
161.122. Duties of the commissioner.
161.132. Department includes what--employees, appointment and compensation.
161.142. Offices of department--records.
161.152. Section of district reorganization created--duties.
161.162. Section of special education created--special education
defined--director, appointment, compensation.
161.172. Veterans' training institutions, inspection and listing.
161.182. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
161.184. Department shall not assist in placement of certain records upon
certain diplomas.
161.192. (Transferred 1978; now 37.075)
161.193. State council on vocational education established by executive order,
assigned to department--reports, distribution.
161.202. (Transferred 1978; now 37.080)
161.203. Videotape to be produced on prison conditions and the young
offender--rules for distribution to all districts--viewing
required for all students and status offenders, exceptions.
161.205. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
161.209. Rules and policies, department has affirmative duty to seek comment
on--review of existing rules and policies, procedure--no penalty
for failure to meet resource standards, when.
161.210. State board may modify or waive rules, when.
161.213. High-quality early childhood education standards required--rulemaking
161.215. Early childhood development, education and care fund created, purpose,
use of moneys--rulemaking authority--audit.
161.216. Quality rating system for early childhood education, prohibition on
certain incentives and mandates to participate without statutory
authority--taxpayer standing, when--definitions.
161.223. Grants from department of elementary and secondary education to local
school districts, preferences, discrimination prohibited.
161.226. Foreign language materials to be provided to schools, when.
161.227. Adult basic education English language services.
161.235. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
161.249. Advisory council created, members, appointment, duties.
161.252. (Transferred 1984; now 621.015)
161.262. (Transferred 1984; now 621.025)
161.263. (Transferred 1984; now 621.035)
161.272. (Transferred 1984; now 621.045)
161.273. (Transferred 1984; now 621.050)
161.274. (Transferred 1984; now 621.055)
161.282. (Transferred 1984; now 621.100)
161.292. (Transferred 1984; now 621.110)
161.302. (Transferred 1984; now 621.120)
161.312. (Transferred 1984; now 621.125)
161.322. (Transferred 1984; now 621.135)
161.332. (Transferred 1984; now 621.145)
161.337. (Transferred 1984; now 621.189)
161.338. (Transferred 1984; now 621.193)
161.342. (Transferred 1984; now 621.198)
161.350. (Transferred 1984; now 621.205)
161.365. Department to establish guidelines and specifications for
program--districts to be provided with information--rulemaking
161.371. School work construction projects, random drug and alcohol testing of
contractors permitted.
161.375. Teachers and principals, standards for high-quality mentoring to be
161.400. Commission for the deaf and hard of hearing
members to be provided with interpreters, cost for, how paid.
161.403. Executive director--qualifications--compensation, office space, staff,
to be provided by department.
161.405. Commission to function as agency of state--purpose--powers and duties.
161.407. Census of deaf population of state, purpose--census report content,
filed when.
161.409. Confidentiality of all reports and records maintained by
commission--violation, penalty--release of information, no liability,
161.410. Missouri commission for the deaf and hard of hearing fund created in
the state treasury, deposits and disbursements.
161.415. Minority teaching scholarships--amount--qualifications--matching
161.418. Department to develop criteria--applicant preference of schools.
161.421. Cessation of study--effect.
161.424. Recipients of scholarships to teach in this state--terms,
conditions--deferral of payments.
161.450. Physical fitness challenge for students, department to adopt
rules--rulemaking authority.
161.500. Citation of law.
161.502. Definitions.
161.504. Drug-free schools program created--department may apply for
funding--disbursement of funds--application for funding of
prevention and suppression programs--interagency
agreements--administrative guidelines--annual report, contents.
161.506. Concentration of program--elements--enhanced efforts--use of
funds--advisory committee.
161.508. Criteria for rating grant applications to be developed by
committee--membership of committee--staff
services--compensation--duties--guidelines and procedures to be
developed--department to administer and monitor--personnel
costs--administrative costs.
161.520. Districts in financial stress, factors determining--notification to
district school board, contents--board to prepare budget and education
plan, contents.
161.525. Fiscal year ending with balance of less than one percent in teachers'
and incidental funds--notice requirements.
161.527. District not required to reduce operating levy, when--restrictions on
administrative costs and salaries--exemptions from restrictions,
limitation--extension on exemptions may be submitted to voters.
161.529. Duties imposed on boards of education, how enforced.
161.610. Procedure for reporting performance of high school graduates
completing vocational education programs--procedure--data
included--public reports.
161.650. Department to identify and adopt violence prevention program, district
to administer--state board to adopt violence prevention
program--duties--administered how--funding.
161.655. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 613 Revision A)
161.670. Virtual public school established, eligibility for enrollment--state
aid calculation--rulemaking authority.
161.700. Holocaust education and awareness commission created,
members--holocaust defined--executive director may be employed.
161.800. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
161.825. Citation of law--definitions--master list of autism spectrum disorder
resources required--scholarship granting organizations,
requirements, duties--department duties--sunset provision.
161.850. Publication to be produced, purpose, content--copy to be provided to
parents--rulemaking authority.

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