Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 184
Museums--Metropolitan Park Districts and Memorials

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August 28, 2013

184.010. State museum--duty of department of natural resources--where
located--soldiers' and sailors' memorial hall.
184.015. Political subdivisions may contract for use of art museums,
how--payments from what funds.
184.101. Citation of law.
184.102. Definitions.
184.104. Notices, information content--notice to be given by restricted
certified mail--deemed delivered, when, procedure--locale of
museum, how determined.
184.106. Conservation or disposal of property on loan, without notice,
when--exception--lien for costs--museum not to be liable for
injury or loss, when.
184.108. Loss or injury to property--notice to lender, content,
rules--publication not required.
184.111. Termination of loan by museum may be made, when--procedure--lender
failure to respond to notice, property deemed donated to museum,
184.112. Title to undocumented property to museum, when--acquisition of
title notice, content.
184.114. Intent to preserve interest in property on loan to museum, content,
filed when--effective period--extension, procedure--insufficiency of
intent notice, duties, procedure--sections 184.101 to 184.114,
effective date.
184.116. Action for damages for loss or injury, time limitation--failure to
bring action after notice, property deemed donated, when--purchaser
from the museum to acquire good title.
184.118. Title to property museum's obligation to lender or claimant--records
to be retained, time period, content.
184.119. Records to be retained for twenty-five years after December 31, 1991.
184.121. Change of address, duty of lender or claimant to notify
museum--written agreement between lender and museum to prevail.
184.122. Museum law to supersede lost and unclaimed property law.
184.250. Memorial buildings or monuments in each county.
184.260. County commissions and municipal assemblies authorized to act.
184.270. State aid.
184.280. County commissions authorized to provide for public war
memorials--issuance of bonds.
184.290. County memorial hospitals--state aid, how authorized.
184.350. Metropolitan zoological park, or museum district containing
zoological, art museum and St. Louis science center
subdistricts--petitions to form--election, when--ballot form,
costs how paid.
184.351. St. Louis science center--increase in tax rate, procedure--ballot
184.352. Definitions.
184.353. Botanical garden--transport museum--Missouri history museum--symphony
orchestra and recreational and amateur sports subdistricts,
formation--election, ballot forms, tax rate--admission
fees--metropolitan zoological park and museum district, election
to provide for an African-American history museum, ballot forms,
tax rate.
184.354. District board, appointment, terms, qualifications, officers,
rules and bylaws.
184.355. Dissolution of subdistricts--petition--election, ballot form.
184.356. District to collect revenues--employees, appointment and
compensation--operating costs limited--funds, distribution.
184.357. Zoological park--art museum and botanical garden--increase in tax
rate, procedure, ballot form.
184.358. Subdistricts governed by commission,
appointment--qualifications--terms--removal from
office--nonvoting advisory members, appointment, terms.
184.359. Reduction of tax rate (roll back) by reassessment--restoration of, tax
rate in whole or in part, procedures, election, ballot form--restored
tax rate effective when.
184.360. Subdistrict's powers--duties.
184.362. Facilities to be free, commission rules and regulations,
employee benefits.
184.364. Indebtedness, district may incur by election, limitation.
184.366. Taxation to retire debt.
184.368. Question to be submitted.
184.370. Form of ballot.
184.372. Bonds, when issued, form, limitations.
184.374. Bonds, how transferred.
184.376. Refunding bonds authorized.
184.378. Ordinances to protect facilities authorized.
184.380. Report to chief executive officers, when.
184.382. Report to district board, when.
184.384. Discriminatory employment practices prohibited.
184.500. Definitions
184.503. Creation of district and sales tax authorized--ballot language--sales
tax revenue, use of--withdrawal from district, procedure.
184.506. Commission to govern, members, terms, meetings, quorum--immunity for
184.509. Seal and bylaws--power to contract--borrowing of moneys, when--support
for activities, considerations--annual report.
184.512. Administration, funding of--record keeping requirements.
184.600. Zoo district--boundaries--petition to form--areas outside city may
petition to join--elections--ballot content and form.
184.602. Board, appointment, terms, officers, vacancies--area outside city
representation, how determined, county clerk's
184.604. Increase tax rate for district--ballot form--failure to adopt,
resubmission, when.
184.606. Powers of district--city to convey existing public zoo to district,
conditions--right to charge fees, when--authority to employ staff.
184.608. Collection of taxes, procedure--use of funds collected.
184.610. Dissolution of district, procedure--ballot form--cost of election,
how paid--property donated by city to revert to city.
184.612. Additional indebtedness may be incurred by district with voter
approval, amount.
184.614. Tax levy requirements--additional indebtedness--election--ballot
184.616. Bond issues, payable when--interest rate--bond, form and content--not
to be sold for less than par.
184.618. Conversion of bond into registered bond, procedure.
184.620. Refunding bonds, authority to issue, when--funding for payment of
principal and interest.
184.622. Penalty ordinances may be enacted by city or county for injury to
district property.
184.800. Law, how cited.
184.805. Definitions.
184.810. Authorized purposes of a district--district is a political
subdivision--limitation on names of structures.
184.815. Petition for creation of district to be filed, when--size of
district--petition contents--objections to petition, when raised.
184.820. Petitions, who may file--hearing on petition--appeals.
184.825. Costs of petition, reimbursement, when.
184.827. Museum and cultural district board, members.
184.830. Notice of order declaring district, publication, election of board of
directors--election of chairman and secretary procedures--term of
a director and age qualification.
184.835. Powers of board of directors--election of officers--employees quorum
necessary for board action--reimbursement of expenses.
184.840. Funding, authority to receive and expend--appropriations.
184.845. Sales tax, board may impose museum district sales tax, how
imposed--rate of tax--violations, penalties.
184.847. Admission fee authorized, rate--deposit in special trust fund.
184.850. Powers of district.
184.860. Revenue bonds, exemption from taxes, exception.
184.865. Contracts with other political subdivisions or other entities.
184.870. Additional powers of district.
184.880. Insurance.

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