Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 217
Department of Corrections
Section 217.450

August 28, 2014

Offender may request final disposition of pending indictment, information or complaint, how requested--director to notify offender of pending actions, failure to notify, effect.

217.450. 1. Any person confined in a department correctional facility may request a final disposition of any untried indictment, information or complaint pending in this state on the basis of which a law enforcement agency, prosecuting attorney's office, or circuit attorney's office has delivered a certified copy of a warrant and has requested that a detainer be lodged against him with the facility where the offender is confined. The request shall be in writing addressed to the court in which the indictment, information or complaint is pending and to the prosecuting attorney charged with the duty of prosecuting it, and shall set forth the place of imprisonment.

2. When the director receives a certified copy of a warrant and a written request by the issuing agency to place a detainer, the director shall lodge a detainer in favor of the requesting agency. The director shall promptly inform each offender in writing of the source and nature of any untried indictment, information or complaint for which a detainer has been lodged against him of which the director has knowledge, and of his right to make a request for final disposition of such indictment, information or complaint on which the detainer is based.

3. Failure of the director to comply with this section shall not be the basis for dismissing the indictment, information, or complaint unless the court also finds that the offender has been denied his or her constitutional right to a speedy trial.

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