Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 237
Barges, Ferries and Wharves
Section 237.400

August 28, 2014

Interstate compact for barge traffic development on the Missouri River with Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska.

237.400. Within sixty days of September 28, 1983, the governor shall act to enter into a compact with the states of Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska to read substantially as follows: COMPACT BETWEEN IOWA, KANSAS, MISSOURI AND NEBRASKA FOR THE


The purposes of this compact are to provide for planning for the most efficient use of the waters of the Missouri River to increase the amount of barge traffic on that segment of the Missouri River which flows between and within the compact states, to take necessary steps to develop the Missouri River and its banks to handle more barge traffic than is presently handled, to encourage the use of barges on that segment of the Missouri River for transporting bulk goods, especially farm commodities, to insure that the intended increase in barge traffic does not impose unacceptable damage on the Missouri River in all its various uses, including agriculture, wildlife management, and recreational opportunities, to consider the diversion of the waters of the Missouri River as it affects navigation, and to promote joint action between the compact parties to accomplish these purposes. The purposes of the compact do not include lobbying activities against user fees for barge traffic and such activities under this compact are prohibited. ARTICLE II

It is the responsibility of the four states to accomplish the purposes in Article I through the official in each state who is charged with the duty of administering the public waters and to collect and correlate through those officials the data necessary for the proper administration of the compact. Those officials may, by unanimous action, adopt rules and regulations to accomplish the purposes of this compact. ARTICLE III

The states of Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska agree that within a reasonable time they shall fulfill the obligations of this compact and that each shall authorize the proper official or agency in its state to take the necessary steps to promote the use of barges and develop the Missouri River as it flows between and within the compact states for greater amounts of barge traffic. ARTICLE IV

This compact does not limit the powers granted in any other act to enter into interstate or other agreements relating to the Missouri River flowing between and within the compact states, alter the relations between the respective internal responsibilities of the government of a party state and its subdivisions, or impair or affect any rights, powers, or jurisdiction of the United States, or those acting by or under its authority, in, over, and to those waters of the Missouri River. The adoption of this compact by the general assembly shall not require the state of Missouri to adopt any legislation or to appropriate funds for its implementation. ARTICLE V

Unless this compact is entered into on or before July 1, 1984, the governor shall take no further action to secure the compact.

(L. 1983 H.B. 102 ยง 1)

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