Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 253
State Parks and Historic Preservation
Section 253.402

August 28, 2014

Purpose of fund--administration.

253.402. For the purpose of protecting and preserving the historic properties of this state, there is hereby created a "Historic Preservation Revolving Fund" to be administered by the department of natural resources. All expenses incurred in the acquisition of and all revenues received from the disposition of property as provided in sections 253.400 to 253.407 shall be paid for out of and deposited in the historic preservation revolving fund. Any moneys appropriated and any other moneys made available by gift, grant, bequest, contribution or otherwise to the department to carry out the purpose of sections 253.400 to 253.407, and all interest earned on, and income generated from, moneys in the fund shall be paid to, and deposited in, the historic preservation revolving fund.

(L. 1979 S.B. 127 ยง 3, A.L. 1995 H.B. 622)

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