Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 256
Geology, Water Resources and Geodetic Survey
Section 256.462

August 28, 2014

Meetings of board--officers--rules--examinations, preparation of--certificates of registration, issuance of, code of professional conduct--suspension, revocation of certificate, when--specialty fields, board may recognize.

256.462. 1. The board shall meet within forty-five days after appointment of its initial members. The board shall hold at least four regular meetings each year. Special meetings shall be held at such times as the rules of the board may provide and in accordance with notice requirements thereof.

2. The board shall elect annually from its own membership a chair, vice chair, and secretary-treasurer, none of whom shall hold that office for more than two consecutive one-year terms, and the director of the division of professional registration shall be the executive secretary to assist the board in carrying out its duties and responsibilities.

3. The board shall promulgate rules pursuant to chapter 536 and section 256.640, necessary for the administration and enforcement of sections 256.450 to 256.483.

4. The board shall prepare, administer, and grade or supervise the preparation, administering, and grading of oral and written examinations as required to administer and enforce sections 256.450 to 256.483. The board may adopt or recognize, in part or in whole, examinations prepared, administered, or graded by other organizations, on a regional or national basis, which the board determines are appropriate to measure the qualifications of an applicant for registration as a geologist in Missouri, provided that the individual's examination records are available to the board.

5. The board shall issue certificates of registration and shall renew and reissue certificates as provided in sections 256.450 to 256.483. The board may upon reissuing and renewal require the applicant to provide evidence of continued competence in the practice of geology.

6. The board shall promulgate, by rule, and issue a code of professional conduct for registered geologists. The board may suspend, revoke or refuse issuance or renewal of registration for any registered geologist who is found in violation of the code of professional conduct.

7. The board may refuse issuance or renewal of or suspend or revoke any certificate, and impose sanctions including restrictions on the practice of any individual geologist registered in Missouri for violations of sections 256.450 to 256.483 or the rules promulgated thereunder.

8. The board shall seek cease and desist orders and injunctions against any person violating sections 256.450 to 256.483 or the rules promulgated thereunder.

9. The board shall recognize and authorize the official use of the designation "registered geologist" for geologists registered under the provisions of sections 256.450 to 256.483.

10. The board may enter into agreements with licensor organizations of other states having official registration responsibilities for the purposes of developing uniform standards for registration of geologists including education, examinations, and other procedures for the purposes of developing and entering into registration reciprocity agreements. All such agreements shall be in accordance with the provisions of sections 256.450 to 256.483.

11. The board may recognize and establish, by rule, specialty fields of geologic practice and establish qualifications, conduct examinations, and issue certificates of registration in such specialties to qualified applicants.

(L. 1994 S.B. 649)

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