Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 287
Workers' Compensation Law
Section 287.640

August 28, 2014

Necessary offices to be provided, where--salaries--traveling expenses, how paid--hearings, where held.

287.640. 1. The division of workers' compensation shall be provided with offices at the state capital, and St. Louis, St. Joseph, Cape Girardeau, Joplin, Springfield and Kansas City, and in such other places, not to exceed two, as the division deems necessary for the efficient disposition of the business of the division, in which offices its records shall be kept, but its permanent records shall be kept in Jefferson City. The division shall also be provided with the necessary office furniture, books, stationery and other supplies. The division and each of its appointees and employees shall have reimbursed to them their actual traveling expenses and disbursements in the discharge of their duties while away from their regular offices and places of residence, but the same shall not be paid until verified by the affidavit of the person who incurred them and approved by the division. All salaries, expenses and costs under this chapter shall be paid monthly out of the state treasury from the fund for the support of the division of workers' compensation of the department of labor and industrial relations.

2. Unless the parties otherwise agree, all original hearings shall be held in the county, or in a city not part of any county, where the accident occurred, or in any county, or such city, adjacent thereto, or if the accident occurred outside of the state, then the hearing shall be held in the county or city where the contract of employment was made, or the county where employment of the employee was principally localized. If venue cannot otherwise be established by this subsection, then the division shall determine the venue of the hearing. The division shall determine the location of the hearing within the county, or city not within a county, of venue.

3. Hearings before the labor and industrial relations commission on review may be held at the place the commission determines, having due regard for the convenience of the parties.

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Prior revision: 1929 § 3360

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