Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 287
Workers' Compensation Law
Section 287.810

August 28, 2014

Change of administrative law judge, procedure, limitations.

287.810. 1. A change of administrative law judge shall be ordered in any hearing held under this chapter upon the filing of a written application for such change by any party or his agent or attorney. The application need not allege or prove any cause for such change of administrative law judge, and need not be verified.

2. An application for change of administrative law judge must be filed at least thirty days before the hearing date or within five days after a hearing setting date has been made, whichever date is later, unless the administrative law judge who will hear the case has not been* designated within that time, in which event the application may be filed within ten days after the administrative law judge has been designated or at any time prior to the hearing, whichever date is earlier.

3. An application for change of administrative law judge may be made by one or more parties, but each party is limited to one such change of judge.

4. Upon the presentation of a timely application for the change of an administrative law judge, the commission shall promptly sustain the application and shall designate another administrative law judge.

(L. 1980 H.B. 1396)

*Word "be" appears in original rolls.

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