Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 262
Promotion of Agriculture and Horticulture

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August 28, 2013

262.001. Agritourism defined.
262.007. Exhibition of livestock at fairs and expositions in this state, all
4-H and FFA members permitted to participate--rules and fees
262.008. Exhibition of livestock or domestic animals at fairs, expositions, and
pet shows, all livestock breeders and domestic animal owners
permitted to participate--rules and fees permitted.
262.010. State horticultural society created.
262.020. Members--organization--order of business.
262.030. Station established.
262.040. Purposes of experiment station.
262.060. Manager and inspector.
262.080. Procurement of buildings and grounds.
262.090. Lands--duties of manager--not to engage in fruit business.
262.110. Duties of university.
262.200. State poultry experiment station--location--functions.
262.215. State fair, definitions.
262.217. State fair commission, created--commissioners, appointment, expenses,
262.219. Director to be appointed by commission, salary--staff may be employed,
262.220. State fair--establishment--control--condemnation proceedings.
262.230. Fair held, when--how--reverter clause.
262.240. Printing and distribution of catalogues.
262.250. Entry fees--classification.
262.255. Exhibiting livestock, all qualified 4-H and FFA members permitted to
participate--rules and fees permitted.
262.260. Admission fees, revenues from sale of privileges and pari-mutuel
wagering--disposition--state fair fee fund created--gifts and
grants authorized, transfer to general revenue
prohibited--purpose of fund--investment.
262.261. State fair escrow fund created, use of moneys.
262.262. State fair trust fund for prizes--disbursement--investment.
262.265. Distribution of pari-mutuel wagering pool if state agency is the
262.270. Director, powers--gambling prohibited, exception for
pari-mutuel wagering--serving intoxicating liquor prohibited,
exception--cooperation from other agencies, reimbursement.
262.280. County exhibits.
262.290. Incorporation, procedure--powers--buildings and
262.300. Organization of society--procedure.
262.310. Election of officers--removal--duties.
262.320. Duties of officers.
262.330. Constitution and bylaws, enforcement of--quorum.
262.340. Moneys of societies, how expended.
262.350. Appropriation of money by county commission.
262.360. Board's report.
262.370. Director's report to general assembly.
262.380. Holding of property, when.
262.390. Membership--fees--failure to pay annual fee, effect.
262.400. Recording of incorporation order.
262.410. Dissolution of society--disposition of property.
262.430. Societies may unite and form circuit.
262.440. Appropriations, how disbursed.
262.450. State aid for county fairs--certain counties.
262.460. (Repealed L. 2012 H.B. 1608 A)
262.462. Application for funds, contents of--report on completion of a
project, contents of.
262.465. Duties of director before releasing funds.
262.470. Rules and regulations, promulgation.
262.480. Claims for benefits--procedure.
262.490. Payment of claims.
262.500. Election to levy special tax in certain
counties--purposes--distribution of funds.
262.510. Apportionment of levy proceeds.
262.520. Payment of premiums--procedure.
262.530. Special election--how called and conducted.
262.550. Definitions.
262.553. University may receive and disburse federal grants for extension
262.557. Formulation and administration of extension program.
262.560. University to hire employees--salaries and expenses paid, how.
262.563. Missouri extension council established in county, when.
262.567. Council, how composed--terms of members--vacancies--duties begin,
when--limit on tenure.
262.570. Description of district boundaries filed with county
commission--numbering of districts--publication.
262.573. Annual election for membership on council.
262.577. Notice of nominees and statement of right to nominate to be
262.580. Establishment of first county council.
262.583. Powers and duties of council--organization--meetings--duties of
262.587. Where council established, university to hire employees and consult
with council on programs.
262.590. Recommendations by council--administration of county's share of
costs--council to receive property.
262.593. Council official for purposes of federal law--activities
forbidden--collection of fees--acceptance of contributions and
262.597. Financial budget for extension programs--appropriations from
262.598. Extension districts authorized--powers and duties--tax authorized,
ballot language--withdrawal, ballot language--increase in tax,
ballot language.
262.600. Monthly requisitions on county commission, how issued, amount
of--reversion of funds.
262.603. Names of council members and officers given university and county
commission, when.
262.607. Bond of treasurer--action for breach, by whom brought.
262.610. Deposits of funds--how disbursed--records--report and settlement of
262.613. Secretary, duties, report--records open.
262.617. Annual report to county commission.
262.620. Notices required, given how.
262.630. Purpose of law--powers.
262.640. Warrants, how drawn.
262.650. Organization--officers--membership.
262.660. Certain persons not to be beneficiaries.
262.700. Southern dairy compact entered into--effective date--text of compact.
262.701. Southern dairy compact commission, Missouri delegates appointed
by governor--terms, vacancies, per diem, funding.
262.702. Dairy industry information, director to obtain, for use of
southern dairy compact commission.
262.703. Violations--penalty--fines.
262.795. Agriculture work, performed by children permitted, when.
262.800. Farmland protection act, purpose.
262.801. Farming purposes defined.
262.802. Abeyance of water and sewer assessments, when--applicability--charges,
when paid, amount--notice provided, contents--disputes,
262.805. Notice of agricultural zoning presumed, when--uses of agricultural
land--hazards contained on agricultural land.
262.810. Eminent domain, public hearing required before taking property.
262.815. Citation of law, purpose--trust created, objectives--advisory board
created, members, duties, terms--fund created--rulemaking
262.820. Board created.
262.823. Purpose of the board, goals.
262.826. Definitions.
262.829. Principal office location--responsibilities of board.
262.832. Membership on board, effect on employment of state officers
and employees.
262.835. Board members, qualifications, terms.
262.838. Removal of board member.
262.841. Chairperson and vice chairperson to be elected.
262.844. Meetings of the board.
262.847. Reimbursement for expenses.
262.850. Executive director to be employed, duties--technical experts
and other employees permitted.
262.853. Duties of the secretary.
262.856. Powers of the board.
262.859. Annual report submitted to general assembly and the governor,
262.900. Definitions--application, requirements--board established, members,
duties--public hearing--ordinance--property exempt from
taxation--sales tax revenues, deposit of--fund
created--rulemaking authority.
262.950. Board created, definitions, members, mission,
duties--report--meetings--expiration date.

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