Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 285
Employers and Employees Generally

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August 28, 2013

285.010. List to be furnished municipalities levying an earnings tax--request,
how made--contents of list--exception.
285.015. Lists to be confidential.
285.020. Penalty for violation of sections 285.010 to 285.020.
285.025. Employers of illegal aliens ineligible for state economic incentives,
right of appeal, criminal penalties.
285.035. Microchip technology, employer not to require employees to be
implanted--violation, penalty.
285.100. Willful failure to pay a misdemeanor.
285.105. Employee retirement or welfare plan defined.
285.110. Penalty for violation of sections 285.100 to 285.110.
285.125. Reduced health care premiums for nonsmokers permitted.
285.200. Ride-sharing arrangement, defined--liability for injury to
participants--special taxes prohibited--travel time as work
hours--use of government vehicles--registration of
vehicle--license plates.
285.230. Transient employers, defined, bonding
requirements--penalties--records to be kept, how--discontinuance
in activity, notice to director of revenue.
285.232. Construction contractors, who are transient employers, proof and
financial assurance required--list of contractors to be published.
285.233. Transient employers not filing financial assurance, escrow
requirements--failure of political subdivision or private entity to
escrow funds, penalties--transient employer not in compliance with
law, writ of attachment or injunction authorized.
285.234. Transient employer to post notice of registration for income tax
withholding, workers' compensation and unemployment insurance,
violation, penalty.
285.235. Definitions.
285.237. Certain job openings and training, priorities for veterans--annual
report by state agencies--duties of certain state agencies.
285.240. Federal earned income credit, employer duties.
285.300. Withholding form, completion required--forwarding to state
agencies--state directory of new hires, cross-check of unemployment
compensation recipients--compliance by employers with employees
in two or more states.
285.302. Failure of employer to submit certain information, penalty.
285.304. Content of withholding forms.
285.306. Failure to complete form, penalty.
285.308. False statement, penalty.
285.309. Federal 1099 forms, certain employers required to submit to
department--fine for failure to report.
285.500. Definitions.
285.503. Misclassification of workers by employers, failure to claim worker as
employee--attorney general may investigate, powers.
285.506. State to have burden of proof.
285.512. Attorney general may seek injunction, when.
285.515. Penalties for violations.
285.525. Definitions.
285.530. Employment of unauthorized aliens prohibited--federal work
authorization program, requirements for participation
in--liability of contractors and subcontractors.
285.535. Attorney general to enforce--action to be initiated, when--complaint
procedures--verification of status required--violations,
corrective actions, penalties.
285.540. Rulemaking authority.
285.543. Database to be maintained.
285.550. Failure to suspend a business permit, city or county deemed to have
adopted a sanctuary policy.
285.555. Discontinuance of federal work authorization program, effect of.

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