Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 302
Drivers' and Commercial Drivers' Licenses
Section 302.281

August 28, 2014

Suspension for unsatisfied judgment.

302.281. The director shall suspend the license of an operator upon a showing by the records of the director or any public records that such operator has an unsatisfied judgment against him, as defined in chapter 303, until such judgment has been satisfied or the financial responsibility of such person, as defined in section 303.120, has been established.

(L. 1951 p. 678 ยง 302.280, A.L. 1955 p. 621, A.L. 1961 p. 487, A.L. 1989 1st Ex. Sess. H.B. 3)

Effective 7-27-89


Duration of suspension under financial responsibility law, 303.110

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