Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 324
Occupations and Professions General Provisions
Section 324.478

August 28, 2014

Missouri acupuncturist advisory committee created, duties, members, terms.

324.478. 1. There is hereby created within the division of professional registration a committee to be known as the "Missouri Acupuncturist Advisory Committee". The committee shall consist of five members, all of whom shall be citizens of the United States and registered voters of the state of Missouri. The governor shall appoint the members of the committee with the advice and consent of the senate for terms of four years; except as provided in subsection 2 of this section. Three committee members shall be acupuncturists. Such members shall at all times be holders of licenses for the practice of acupuncture in this state; except for the members of the first committee who shall meet the requirements for licensure pursuant to sections 324.475 to 324.499. One member shall be a current board member of the Missouri state board for chiropractic examiners. The remaining member shall be a public member. All members shall be chosen from lists submitted by the director of the division of professional registration. The president of the Acupuncture Association of Missouri in office at the time shall, at least ninety days prior to the expiration of the term of a board member, other than the public member, or as soon as feasible after a vacancy on the board otherwise occurs, submit to the director of the division of professional registration a list of five acupuncturists qualified and willing to fill the vacancy in question, with the request and recommendation that the governor appoint one of the five persons so listed, and with the list so submitted, the president of the Acupuncture Association of Missouri shall include in his or her letter of transmittal a description of the method by which the names were chosen by that association.

2. The initial appointments to the committee shall be one member for a term of one year, one member for a term of two years, one member for a term of three years and two members for a term of four years.

3. The public member of the committee shall not be and never has been a member of any profession regulated by the provisions of sections 324.475 to 324.499, or the spouse of any such person; and a person who does not have and never has had a material financial interest in either the providing of the professional services regulated by the provisions of sections 324.475 to 324.499 or an activity or organization directly related to the profession regulated pursuant to sections 324.475 to 324.499.

4. Any member of the committee may be removed from the committee by the governor for neglect of duty required by law, for incompetency or for unethical or dishonest conduct. Upon the death, resignation, disqualification or removal of any member of the committee, the governor shall appoint a successor. A vacancy in the office of any member shall only be filled for the unexpired term.

5. The acupuncturist advisory committee shall:

(1) Review all applications for licensure;

(2) Advise the board on all matters pertaining to the licensing of acupuncturists;

(3) Review all complaints and/or investigations wherein there is a possible violation of sections 324.475 to 324.499 or regulations promulgated pursuant thereto and make recommendations and referrals to the board on complaints the committee determines to warrant further action;

(4) Follow the provisions of the board's administrative practice procedures in conducting all official duties;

(5) Recommend for prosecution violations of sections 324.475 to 324.499 to an appropriate prosecuting or circuit attorney;

(6) Assist the board, as needed and when requested by the board, in conducting any inquiry or disciplinary proceedings initiated as a result of committee recommendation and referral pursuant to subdivision (3) of this subsection.

(L. 1998 H.B. 1601, et al. ยง 16, A.L. 1999 H.B. 343 merged with S.B. 8 & 173)

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