Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 324
Occupations and Professions General Provisions
Section 324.1146

August 28, 2014

Licensure of law enforcement officers, qualifications.

324.1146. Law enforcement officers who perform private investigations shall be licensed under this chapter subject to the following qualifications and limitations:

(1) The board may waive testing for law enforcement officers currently certified under existing peace officer standards and training requirements under chapter 590;

(2) Law enforcement officers shall pay the appropriate licensing fees;

(3) Law enforcement officers shall assume individual liability for their actions while performing private investigations, complying with any insurance or bonding requirements imposed under sections 324.1100 to 324.1148;

(4) Law enforcement officers shall not utilize their official capacity in the course of a private investigation, including but not limited to:

(a) Accessing information intended only for police officials. Law enforcement officers shall comply with the legal limits on access to the information of private citizens;

(b) Utilizing any official item, such as a uniform, badge, or vehicle, while performing a private investigation. Law enforcement officers shall provide their own equipment;

(c) Utilizing law enforcement officer arrest and use of force standards. Law enforcement officers shall use private citizen arrest and use of force standards while operating as a private investigator;

(5) Law enforcement officers shall produce evidence of training and experience concerning the legal limits imposed on private investigations or pass a test on such subject produced by the board; and

(6) The provisions of sections 324.1100 to 324.1148 shall not apply to law enforcement officers who provide only private security services and not private investigator services.

(L. 2007 H.B. 780 merged with S.B. 308)

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